PM urged to come clean on nuclear plans



Environmentalists have called on PM Howard to detail his plans for a nuclear Australia should he be re-elected on Saturday.

There will be a presence to protest the Coalition’s continued nuclear secrecy at the PM’s address to the national press club in Canberra today.

There is growing Coalition unease over nuclear issues with over 20 MPs and candidates publicly opposing nuclear power in their electorates or in Australia (see below).

"It is a classic case of NIMBE politics - Not In Marginals Before Elections", said Friends of the Earth nuclear campaigner, Michaela Stubbs. "The PM and senior Coalition members have consistently avoided the “N” word during this election campaign, but many Coalition members and candidates are declaring the nuclear power option an unpopular lost cause. They have been even more reluctant to discuss the 45,000 tonnes of high-level nuclear waste which would be produced by 25 nuclear reactors."

Friends of the Earth are urging all political parties to disclose their nuclear plans ahead of the election and have assessed the nuclear policies and performance of the parties at . The Coalition has not met any of the 18 key assessment criteria, Labor has scraped a pass and the Greens and Democrats share the highest rating.


What : Protest at PM Howards press club address

Where : 16 National Circuit, Canberra

When : From 11am, Thursday 22 November

Why : Because the PM refuses to come clean with the Australian people over his plans for a nuclear future.


Information and media comment:

Holly Creenaune (at the protest) 0417 682 541

Michaela Stubbs 0429 136 935


(Full list available from Jim Green <[email protected]> 0417 318 368.)


Nick Minchin (SA)

"We would be very, very unwise to allow our opponents to lumber us as the party favouring nuclear power".

"It is unviable and if we allow the Greens to suck us in on the greenhouse argument over nuclear we really are mugs."

June 26, 2005, Liberal Party Federal Council meeting.

Peter Slipper Fisher (Qld)

“I am strongly opposed to a nuclear reactor being located on the Sunshine Coast.”

Alexander Somlyay Fairfax (Qld) doesn't want nuclear reactors in his electorate.

Teresa Gambaro Petrie (Qld) 'wouldn’t agree to a reactor.’

Gary Hardgrave Moreton (Qld) “My electorate is not suitable.”

Warren Entsch Leichhardt (Qld)

“Who in their right mind would even think about putting a nuclear power plant in a place like Port Douglas?

Malcolm Turnbull Wentworth (NSW)

“My electorate is an inner city electorate and there isn't a lot of free space, so it’s probably a theoretical exercise.”

Sue Page - Candidate for Richmond (NSW)

“There’s no way the Liberals can get this up without the support of the Nationals.  So far as the party’s concerned, it’s off the table.  We’ve actually got to draw the line in the sand on this one because we are different fro the Liberals in this regard.  If the National Party was going to waver on this one and say we are going to ride roughshod over it, I’d have to resign.”

Joanna Gash Gilmore (NSW)

‘Ms Gash told The Age she would resign if a nuclear reactor was ever constructed at Jervis Bay in NSW. Ms. Gash has a petition on her website opposing a nuclear reactor in her electorate

Alby Schultz Hume (NSW)

Alby Schultz “There won’t be any nuclear reactor in the electorate of Hume mate.”

Russell Broadbent McMillan (Vic)

Nuclear power would happen "over my dead body".

Mark Baker  Braddon (Tas)

"I can't see the need for a nuclear power plant in Tasmania in my lifetime."’

David Tollner Solomon (NT)

“It is hugely unlikely that a nuclear reactor will be built in the Northern Territory in the foreseeable future." he said.