Local community builds fight against coal port development in the Fitzroy River Delta

May 21, 2012

Australia's Great Barrier Reef and the endangered Snubfin Dolphin is at risk from coal port development in the Fitzroy River Delta near Rockhampton. Local community leader Ginny Gerlach will hold a public meeting to showcase the wonders of the Fitzroy Delta and why the areas needs to be protected.

The Fitzroy Delta lies at the southern end of Keppel Bay, between Rockhampton and Gladstone Queensland. The Delta is the largest river catchment feeding into the Great Barrier Reef and supports Peak Island's Flatback Turtle rookery and the endangered Snubfin Dolphin.

Ms Gerlach expressed her concerns about the coal port project surrounding the Fitzroy Delta and emphasises the needs to maintain a clean and healthy environment.

"The area has multiple coal ports being planned for development. These will result in massive impacts on water and air quality. The ports will destroy Balaclava Island and the Delta. Servicing of hundreds of bulk coal carriers a year will result in the destruction of fish habitat and loss of rare marine species in the areas" said Ms Gerlach.

Ms Gerlach spokeswoman for the local community group Keppel And Fitzroy Delta Alliance is seeking to unite local communities to ensure the coal port development is stopped.

"I hope this public meeting can raise people's awareness about the proposed development projects in Fitzroy Delta. We want to expand this local campaign into a national one"

"It is important for people to understand the potential adverse effects on the ecosystem in Fitzroy Delta and possible social and economic impacts on the regional and local business. We just can't stay out of the issue, it's our responsibility to voice our concerns.”

Support this public meeting. A night to discover implications behind the coal port developments in the Fitzroy River Delta.

You are invited to join this event:

    Date: Tuesday 22nd May, 2012
    Time: 7: 30 pm - 8: 30 pm
    Where: Junction Park State School, 50 Waldheim Street, Annerly, Brisbane (School Hall next to the school tennis court)
    Who : Ms Ginny Gerlach (Keppel And Fitzroy Delta Alliance spokeswoman)


Keppel and Fitzroy Delta Alliance is supported by a variety of groups, including conservation, fishing, boating, tourism and local stakeholders. It aims to address issue on the potential impacts on the ecosystems in Fitzroy River Delta and significant impacts on the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area these projects will create.

Media contacts:

Derec Davies, Friends of the Earth  0421 835 587
Cherry Cheng  0403 506 800