Mining industry to get its wish list from Abbott government?

Friends of the Earth media release October 28, 2013

The Minerals Council of Australia will today unveil what it calls ‘practical new measures to reduce red tape and speed up project approvals without diminishing environmental protection’.

“The MCA notes that this proposal is consistent with the Federal Governments' One-stop-shop approach to devolving approval powers for major developments” said Friends of the Earth campaigns co-ordinator Cam Walker. “But for the majority of the community, ‘green tape’ is actually the environmental protections that have been built up over more than 40 years through the work of many thousands of Australian people”.

“The narrative of ‘green tape’ slowing developments is being promoted by the mining industry and federal government. But in the real world, watering down federal powers over developments will most likely mean more coalmines, more gas rigs, and more port facilities in places like the Great Barrier Reef or the Kimberley”.

“Siding with big business over the concerns of millions of Australians is a dangerous strategy for the federal government. Australia is witnessing unprecedented community resistance to new fossil fuel projects. This mobilisation cuts across traditional urban/ rural divides and unites people from across the political spectrum”.

“Tony Abbott risks significant political damage if he is seen to be implementing the wishlist of some of the richest companies in the country, at the expense of environmental protection and against the wishes of many Australians.”


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