Nano arms race

Chain Reaction #115, August 2012,

As 33 Australian nanotechnology scientists attended a conference in May to explore opportunities for collaboration with the US military, Friends of the Earth raised concerns that collaboration could contribute to a nano arms race, making the world a much less safe place.

Dr Gregory Crocetti from Friends of the Earth Nanotechnology Project said "This is an obvious move by the United States to extend its military dominance into the Asia-Pacific region. The US is understood to be making the world's largest investment in military applications of nanotechnology – accounting for as much as 90% of global nano-military R&D. Why are Australian nanotechnology researchers getting into bed with the biggest war machine on the planet?

"The US Government spends hundreds of millions of dollars each year on military nanotechnology R&D, with applications including explosives, surveillance and lasers. However, since most of the research is classified it is not clear exactly what research is going on."

The FoE statement is posted at: