Quest for the Night Parrot

The Night Parrot is one of Australia’s most critically endangered species. There's evidence that we could find it in WA's remote desert, on beautiful spinifex country in an area threatened by a proposed uranium mine.

If we find the Night Parrot we could stop this toxic mine.

Ban Uranium Mining Permanently (BUMP) need help to cover transport & equipment costs for our first reconnaissance mission on the Quest for the Night Parrot.

We’ve been consulting with experts and using mapping technology to find possible areas of key habitat, based on topographical information, waterways and wild-fire records.
We will be returning throughout the year to find and record the mysterious creature of the night. Drop us a line at [email protected] if you'd like to get involved!
While the quest for the Night Parrot is our mission, these trips are also a way to strengthen our connection with Traditional Owners and the community that want to see this land protected. The quests are also about telling their story.
Among the team we have artists, film makers, musicians, scientists and activists all ready to listen, learn and collaborate on projects to show the world the beauty that lies in the land and people of the western desert.
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