Say NO to nuclear submarines

Scott Morrison with a nuclear submarine - text says Don't let Scott Morrison F-AUKUS with nuclear subs

The Morrison government’s decision to build nuclear submarines has shocked communities around the country.

The move, which occurred without any community consultation, undermines Australia’s nuclear-free status and will generate radioactive waste for decades.

The Prime Minister must reverse the decision to build nuclear-powered submarines and commit to keeping Australia’s military nuclear free.

Australia must invest in supporting those hit hardest by the global pandemic, both locally and throughout our region and on urgent action to deal with the climate crisis.

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...And read more about the background of this nuclear submarine proposal and why this radical shift in military capability is the wrong decision for those who care about environmental and social justice.


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We call for:

 plans for the proposed nuclear submarines to be scrapped

immediate ratification of the Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty

a commitment to keep Australia nuclear power free - both in civilian and military

any money allocated to this proposal to be spent on local and regional pandemic and COVID-19 vaccine support and urgent climate action.