Start a new group

Thank you for your interest in starting a Friends of the Earth group. The information provided below is aimed at giving you a basic overview of the requirements and to provide assistance in starting a FoE group. If we can help in anyway, please get in touch.

A FoE group is an autonomous group that is affiliated with the FoE Australia federation. We welcome new members to the network. To find out what's involved in starting a new group, contact the national liaison officer (NLOs) for FoE Australia,¬† Cam Walker, based¬† in Melbourne <[email protected]> or (03) 9419 8700 (ext 20).The NLO may be able to help with ideas or contacts for others in your area.

To get started, you will need to:

  • Organise a meeting of people who may be interested in getting a FoE group going, and identify what issues you intend to work on.
  • Then, once you have a sense of how you want to structure yourselves and what issues you will campaign on, we suggest that you launch the group at a public meeting.
  • Your group needs to develop a constitution, and write a brief summary of who you are. These two documents are then sent to the NLO, who will circulate them to the existing members of FoEA for consideration (and hopefully approval). This process generally takes two weeks.

Groups need to be open to all people who are in agreement with the constitution of your group. Pre existing groups can also affiliate with the network. A "new group" kit is available.

To become a FoE Australia local group your group needs to meet the following criteria:

  • Independence from political parties and economic interests;
  • It should have an open and democratic structure;
  • It should have a policy and practice of actively encouraging equal representation and participation of women and men;
  • It should actively seek to encourage indigenous people and people from non-English speaking backgrounds to be active in the group;
  • It should be addressing environmental issues in their social, political and human rights context;
  • It should have a strong interest in actively cooperating with other FoEA member groups.
  • FoE groups should be membership-based.

FoEA currently has 6 local members