Chain Reaction

Creating a Language of the Future

Jul 07, 2022

What creative facilitation can we use for a new future? In Chain Reaction #141 Sue Stack offers an exercise using imagined/real words of the future.

Handrawn image of a person inside a tree, with large roots. Words written underneath - "writing as the earth"

Landscape, Soundscape, Immersion

Jul 05, 2022

"Artists as eco-social change makers" – Lila Meleisea shares how her artistic practice weaves together her Samoan heritage and passion for activism. Published in Chain Reaction #141.

concentric white patterned circles on a black background.

Friendship as Anti-Capitalism

Jul 01, 2022

To become radically anti-capitalist, Aia Newport invites us to prioritise friendships in our daily lives and organising space. Written for Chain Reaction #141.

Two people free-climbing a red-brick wall

PNG does not need a coal industry

Jun 28, 2022

Mayur Resources should not be creating a coal industry in PNG, writes Phil Evans in Chain Reaction #141.

AUKUS disrupts "a very peaceful part of planet Earth"

Jun 28, 2022

Nic Mclellan writes an in-depth analysis of AUKUS's impact on the Pacific, and Australasian politics. Published in Chain Reaction #141

Corporate Cane Toads exposed by Australia’s most disgusting award

Jun 24, 2022

Who won the inaugural CaneToad awards? Rhys Dolby reports, for Chain Reaction #141.

Alliance of the Solwara Warriors: Our culture, our heritage, our future

Jun 24, 2022

The Solwara Warriors are fighting deep sea mining in the Pacific, Jonathan Mesulam and Nat Lowrey write for Chain Reaction #141.


Changing climate, Changing oceans

Jun 21, 2022

Wendy Flannery examines the latest ocean changes, and their affect on the Pacific. Published in Chain Reaction #141.

Protecting Tuvalu's Statehood

Jun 17, 2022

Hon. Simon Kofe discusses re-defining sovereignty to include fixed maritime boundaries, for Pacific nations loosing their land. From Chain Reaction #141.

The significance of climate forces migration for pacific culture and spirituality

Jun 14, 2022

Stella Miria-Robinson shares powerful Pacific perspectives on migration, for Chain Reaction #141.