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Pages tagged "Defence of Earth"

Nuclear Submarines: answers to common questions

Following secret deliberations, this week, the Morrison government has announced that Australia will acquire nuclear-powered submarines. Anti-nuclear movement stalwart, and Friends of the Earth National Nuclear campaigner, Dr. Jim Green, had these...

Nuclear subs: bad for people, planet & peace

Friends of the Earth sends a clear message to Scott Morrison and Defence Minister Marise Payne: Australia says NO to nuclear submarines.

People of the Pacific condemn Talisman Sabre Military Exercises

Groups from the Pacific region condemn the recent military exercises in Australia as damaging to the environment, health and peace in the region.

Solidarity with Palestine

Friends of the Earth Australia joins calls condemning the ongoing Israeli attacks on Palestine, including the outrageous targeting of women and children, civilian structures, the bombing of densely populated areas, and attacks on media...

Australia should not be looking for another war

Friends of the Earth join the Independent and Peaceful Australia Network in condemning the frightening indications that the Australian Government is preparing to follow the US into a war with China.

Land Forces 2020 Delayed: War is not an essential service

Thanks to everyone who took action to call on the Queensland Government to cancel Land Forces 2020.

Cancel Land Forces 2020: War is not an essential service

Even in times of peace, war, and making a killing off of it, is never an essential activity or service. So why would the Queensland State Government sponsor and allow a huge...

A military sized black hole - how big are the ADF’s emissions?

Australia’s emissions are once again at a record high but obscure figures from the Australian Defence Force cast doubt on the overall validity of the latest numbers. 

The mystery of the Australia Defence Force 'carbon bootprint'

The Australian Defence Force (ADF) pledges to ‘defend Australia and its national interests’. However, the Government’s refusal to clearly report military greenhouse gas emissions may result in the ADF unnecessarily contributing to...

Talisman Saber 2019: Defend the environment from Defence

In July this year, Australia will once again host huge joint US – AUS military exercises primarily along the Queensland coast, mainly within or traversing the Great Barrier Reef.