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Join the Climate court case against Shell

Oct 11, 2021

Shell is one of the biggest climate polluters in the world. This transnational company has known about the severity of climate change and the impacts of oil and gas drilling for decades, but has not only misled the public on the issue, it continues drilling for fossil fuels. Across the world Shell’s climate wrecking activities are leaving a trail of devastation, from Australia to the Netherlands. We cannot save the climate if large corporations continue to pollute the planet. This is why Friends of the Earth Netherlands is taking Shell to court.

This historic case could set a powerful legal precedent: if we win, one of the world’s biggest polluters will have to stop wrecking the climate.  Join the case against Shell as an honorary co-claimant. 


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I support the legal action taken by Friends of the Earth Netherlands to demand that Shell stops its climate-wrecking activities and keeps oil and gas in the ground.

Shell’s oil and gas reserves in Australia contain some 1,000,000,000 ton of CO2.  The court should require Shell to limit carbon emissions from their polluting business in line with the Paris Climate agreement and climate science.

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FoEA Monthly News: May

May 05, 2020

Here at FoE, we are more busy than ever, carrying on with our work to address the roots of existing inequalities and fight for environmental and social justice.

We are also deeply committed to achieving a just response to the virus. 

With the fullest newsletters we've had this year - there are many opportunities to join our events (virtually) and take action from home. 


FoEA Monthly News: March

Mar 04, 2020

As the year moves forward, our calender's bulge and FoE events overflow as we continue to fight for a transformed world.

FoE Monthly News & Events - Feb 2020

Feb 04, 2020

Holding these difficult times in our hearts FoE continues to fight for a world where environmental protection, social justice and economic welfare for all, go hand in hand. Communities really are rising up louder than ever. Read our monthly newsletter for many opportunities to stand with us and get involved.