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Kimba nuclear waste dump: PM and SA Premier Marshall must step in

Feb 01, 2020

Community protest Kimba nuclear waste dump

Federal resources minister Matt Canavan has today announced his intention to move ahead with plans for a national nuclear waste dump near Kimba on SA's Eyre Peninsula.

Bushfire survivors launch claim against ANZ under international law for financing climate change

Jan 30, 2020

Friends of the Earth's legal officer Emila nazari

Australian Bushfire victims, together with Friends of the Earth Australia, will launch a claim against ANZ under international law to hold the bank accountable for financing fossil fuel projects that contribute to the climate crisis.

Statement of Support for the Union Movement

Jul 30, 2019

frame_renewables.pngProfound structural change is already underway in Australia. The country is going through a poorly planned energy transition due to failures in government policy. Neither energy generators or the workers who rely on these sectors have the certainty they need. Inaction by the federal government has resulted in investment uncertainty and hence inconsistent growth in renewables, storage and efficiency.

This uncertainty, matched with the impacts of globalisation and climate change, and an industrial relations system that is not working for the benefit of the majority of working people has led to workers, particularly in regional Australia, exposed to changing industries and insecure jobs.

Campaigners vow to continue the fight to stop Canberra dumping nuclear waste in SA

Jul 12, 2019

Civil society groups and members of the communities affected by the federal government’s proposed National Radioactive Waste Management Facility (NRWMF) are deeply disappointed with Justice White’s ruling that the exclusion of Barngarla Traditional Owners from a ballot intended to gauge community support was not a breach of the Racial Discrimination Act.

New report uncovers Australian banks financing palm oil companies responsible for deforestation and human rights violations

Jun 26, 2019

Friends of the Earth Australia media release. June 26, 2019

The Big four banks who were found to be exploiting Australians in the royal commission have been exposed in new research by Friends of the Earth to be financing even worse practices overseas. During the 2010–2018 period, the big four Australian banks had a total financial involvement (across loans, underwriting, bond holdings and shareholdings) of at least US$6.4 billion(AUD $9.5 Billion) in six major companies involved in the palm oil supply chain. Approximately $928 million (AUD$1.3billion) of this would be directly exposed to the palm oil business, given that these companies are involved in a number of business sectors of which palm oil is one.

ABC's Media Watch takes aim at nuclear misinformation and bias

Jun 25, 2019

media_watch.PNGMedia Release ‒ 25 June 2019 ‒ Friends of the Earth Australia

The ABC's Media Watch program last night took aim at Australia's pro-nuclear propagandists and the extreme bias of Australia's nuclear 'debate'.

Media Watch discussed HBO's hit miniseries 'Chernobyl', which tops IMDB's list of the greatest TV shows of all time, and took aim at Andrew Bolt and others for trivialising the death toll (discussed here) and for ignoring the broader impacts of the disaster such as the permanent relocation of 350,000 people and the thousands of children who suffered thyroid cancer due to exposure to radioactive fallout.

Major Plastic Waste Producers Must Get Consent Before Exporting their Toxic Trash to Global South

May 13, 2019

Geneva, Switzerland — Today, 187 countries took a major step forward in curbing the plastic waste crisis by adding plastic to the Basel Convention, a treaty that controls the movement of hazardous waste from one country to another. The amendments require exporters to obtain the consent of receiving countries before shipping most contaminated, mixed, or unrecyclable plastic waste, providing an important tool for countries in the Global South to stop the dumping of unwanted plastic waste into their country.

After China banned imports of most plastic waste in 2018, developing countries, particularly in Southeast Asia, have received a huge influx of contaminated and mixed plastic wastes that are difficult or even impossible to recycle. Norway’s proposed amendments to the Basel Convention provides countries the right to refuse unwanted or unmanageable plastic waste.

New research exposes a crisis in the global trade of "recyclable” plastics

Apr 23, 2019

Water contamination, crop death, illness, and the open burning of plastic waste have all flooded into Southeast Asia along with the world’s “recycled” plastics, according to a report by GAIA (Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives) with data analysis on the global waste trade from Greenpeace East Asia.

Friends of the Earth submits legal summons in historic climate case against Shell

Apr 08, 2019

Protest at Shell petrol station with banner: See you in court, Shell!

The Hague - Friends of the Earth Netherlands will deliver a court summons to Shell to legally compel the company to cease its destruction of the climate, on behalf of more than 30,000 people from 70 countries.

Market Forces' Reaction to Adani news of self-funding Carmichael project

Nov 29, 2018

Reacting to the news that Adani has decided to self-fund the entirety of its Carmichael coal project, Executive Director of Friends of the Earth affiliate member group, Market Forces, Julien Vincent said: