Climate Justice

Over a century of industrial development has pumped greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, warming the globe and pushing the climate perilously close to dangerous tipping points.  

Urgent action to tackle climate change is now needed. Measures to prevent dangerous climate change and build resilience to the impacts must be fair and just. They must hold those who are most liable for the problem to account for their contributions; ensure those with the greatest capacity do the heavy lifting; and protect those who are most exposed to climate change impacts.

Friends of the Earth believe it is essential to address the social issues, such as disproportionate use of resources, inequality, and colonisation, while responding to climate change.

Friends of the Earth are actively working with frontline communities around the country to resist the spread of the nuclear, coal and gas industry, and to protect forests - our beautiful carbon sinks - from further devastation. We are also supporting communities on positive solutions such as rolling out renewable energy. 

Historically, our climate justice campaigns have forged the agenda on the human rights dimensions of climate change. We have supported the rights of those at risk of climate-induced displacement as well as exposing the social impacts of carbon offset schemes in countries of the global south.

Our Vision

  • To limit the greenhouse gas concentration level in the atmosphere to be safe for all life on planet earth.
  • To work in genuine collaboration with and be lead by first Australians in a process of de-colonisation of the economy, especially around mining issues.
  • To ensure that nuclear energy is not seen as a solution to climate change.
  • To ensure that an inclusive renewable energy future is created, primarily based on community owned and operated power.
  • To reshape economic systems so they acknowledge ecological limits, prevent dangerous climate change, and build resilience to the impacts that are already locked in.
  • To ensure that no-one is left behind when dealing with climate change.

Friends of the Earth Groups currently working towards our vision

Anti-nuclear, Clean Energy (ACE) - Friends of the Earth Australia campaignQuit Coal - Coal and Gas Free Victoria - Friends of the Earth Melbourne campaignYes2Renewables - Friends of the Earth Melbourne campaign

Climate Frontlines - campaign at Friends of the Earth BrisbaneTuele Peisa - Affiliate project working with forced climate migrantsMarket Forces - Affiliate project working on fossil fuel divestment
Healthy Futures - Affiliate project working on fossil fuel divestment in the health sectorEarthWorker Cooperative - Affiliate project working on fossil fuel job alternatives and alternative ownership structuresNo Fracking WAy - Affiliate project working fighting fracking in WAThe Hub CastlemaineCounterAct - Affiliate project providing training and education for direct action and advocacy work

Climate Justice News

For over 40 years Friends of the Earth has campaigned on the understanding that you can't separate environmental and social justice issues and with climate change there is no difference.

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