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National campaigns, active issues, projects and spokespeople

General media enquiries

Cam Walker (03) 9419 8700 (extension 20) or 0419 338 047.

Emerging Technology – Louise Sales. 0435 589579 and  Jeremy Tager

Pesticides and Drinking Water – Anthony Amis

Murray Darling – Will Mooney (Melb Barmah campaign)

Indigenous Solidarity - Will Mooney (Melb Barmah campaign)

Nature not negotiable – Lauren Caulfield

Forests – Will Mooney


o    Climate justice: Cam Walker. 0419 338 047

o    Climate justice: Nick McClean. Area: International coal in Indonesia.

o    Climate justice: Beck Pearse. Area: direct action plan, international coal solidarity work.

o    Climate and energy – Shaun Murray. Area: Coal and CSG.

o    Climate and energy – Derec Davies. Area: coal, gas, renewables.

o    Renewables – Leigh Ewbank (Melb Yes2renewables)

Latin America Indigenous communities solidarity – Marisol Salinas 0431 368606

Pacific Solidarity. Wendy Flannery 0439 771 692

Anti-Nuclear and Clean Energy

Jim Green (Melbourne) ph 0417 318368

Food irradiation: Robin Taubenfeld (Brisbane) 0411 118 737

Food GM & Emerging Tech: Louise Sales. 0435 589579

National Liaison Office

The national liaison office is located in Melbourne

Cam Walker [Melbourne] 0419 338 047

Ph (03) 9419 8700 (ext 20), Fax (03) 9416 2081

Shani Tager (Brisbane)

PO Box 222, Fitzroy, VIC, 3065

Financial contributions

For general enquiries, including membership and changes to your financial contribution

Melissa Slattery [Melbourne] mon, tues, wed

PO Box 222, Fitzroy, VIC, 3065

03 9419 8700 (ext 24) or 1300 852 081 Toll free number (cost of a local call)

International Liaison Officers

The ILOs are responsible for communication with FoE International and other environmental and social justice movements worldwide:

Derec Davies [Brisbane]

Sam Cossar Gilbert (Melbourne)

Nick McClean (Sydney)

Local Groups & Affiliate Members

There are eleven Local FoE Groups and four affiliate members in Australia.


FoE operates a number of businesses.

The food co-op and organic cafe at 312 Smith Street, Collingwood (Melbourne) is run by FoE Melbourne. You can find their contact details here.

Reverse Garbage, a business established by FoE Brisbane, is located in Woolloongabba (QLD). Contact details here

Regional Contacts

There is currently one Regional Contact for FoEA:

Ruth Rosenhek

PO Box 368, North Lismore, 2480.

Ph (02) 6621 3294.