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A new Friends of the Earth group in north east Victoria

new_group_consult.pngMuch of the work carried out by Friends of the Earth happens in regional communities. In 2023 FoE Melbourne has started to organise a series of road trips to catch up with our allies in the regions, meet new friends and supporters, and build the profile of some of our key campaigns. FoEM will be hosting a series of road trips to different parts of the state during the year.

The first one, held from March 14 to 19, focused on north eastern Victoria. We visited Bright, the upper Big River valley, and Mt Wills and met with a range of local conservation groups active in the region. There is a quick diary from the trip available here.

A new Friends of the Earth group in the north east

We focused our tour on showcasing local conservation efforts and visited a number of potential logging coupes in the area. There are a considerable number of excellent groups working in different parts of the north east. It was clear from this visit that there is a space for a new environmental advocacy environmental group in the north east. So on the walk on the Saturday at Mt Wills, we announced the formation of Friends of the Earth North East Alps.

The plan is to attract a core group of people to run the group in coming months, with a public launch later in the year.

If you are interested in our current work in the north east, please check this summary here.

What issues should we work on?

Apart from the forests and climate work outlined in the link above, what issues would you like us to work on? We would love to hear your thoughts.

If you live in the north east and would like to get involved in the group, please get in touch: [email protected]

There is a facebook page for the group available here.


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