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Climate & Energy Justice

There is no climate justice without First Nations justice, gender justice and economic justice. Friends of the Earth believe it is essential to address the social issues, such as disproportionate use of resources, inequality, and colonisation, while responding to climate change.
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Land and Water

We must reconnect with nature to ensure we protect biodiversity for generations to come. Friends of the Earth helps communities to resist the destruction of sacred land, protect native forests and habitat, rivers, waterways, our oceans and other places we love.
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Gender Justice & Dismantling Patriarchy

Friends of The Earth was founded on deep green, grassroots, anti-capitalist, feminist principles We aim to make anti-capitalist and grassroots feminism transversal throughout the Friends of the Earth from the local to...
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Economics for Earth

Economics should work in harmony with nature, putting people and the planet before profits for corporations! Empowered communities and social movements working together across borders can build a sustainable and just future.
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Indigenous Land and Rights

So called Australia was forcibly occupied and colonised by Europeans during the bloody Frontier Wars with the First Nations People of this land. Sovereignty was never ceded. Friends of the Earth acknowledges the ongoing struggle for land and rights of First Nations people and encourages its members and supporters to be good allies and accomplices in those struggles.
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National Campaigns & Projects

Whilst focussing on local, grassroots action, Friends of the Earth Australia also campaigns at the national level from a climate justice frame on anti nuclear issues, climate and energy justice, economic justice and forests and biodiversity
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Friends of the Earth Australia is a national federation.

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PFAS Chemicals in Australian Drinking Water - A Summary

May 03, 2024

This blog shares information collated over the past few years concerning PFAS detections in Australian drinking water supplies. It is not an authoritative list, as a national overview has not been published for 13 years. It is also a depressing reality that there has...

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Hancock Prospecting now Major 'Owner' of Ecuadorian State Mining Company

April 12, 2024

Hanrine (a subsidiary of Gina Rinehart's Hancock Prospecting) has recently invested $150 million in the Ecuadorian state mining company Enami.  This now gives Rinehart, a 49% stake in 6 mining concessions, totalling 30,000 hectares in the Intag region in northern Ecuador surrounding the controversial...

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