Land and Water

One of Friends of the Earth's primary objectives is to conserve, restore, and protect the land and water. This task is the responsibility of every Australian, just as they have been for the first peoples of this continent for millennia.

Friends of the Earth campaigns resist the destruction of sacred land, habitat, natural wonders, and transform our society to one that lives in harmony with the land as well ensuring that life-giving water is treated with the value it deserves.

For decades Friends of the Earth have been working with Traditional Owners and communities to resist the expansion of the nuclear industry in Australia. The entire cycle - mining, weapons and waste - must be stopped for the protection of country, land and water. Read more about our anti-nuclear campaign here.

Our Vision

  • To help develop a wider appreciation of indigenous peoples land and water management among the community and policymakers.
  • To see pollution-free waterways in Australia.  Including steep reducitions in the chemical run off from agricultural, industrial, logging and plantation activities.
  • To end logging, land clearing, and mining activities in ecologically and culturally sensitive areas.
  • To see agricultural land use valued above other industrial activities such as mining.
  • To see the habitats of plants and animals protected against industrial incursions. 


Land & Water News

Friends of the Earth believe that it is time to live in harmony with the natural environment and stop trying to tame it with excessive land clearing and mining, deforestation and pesticide use.

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