Friends of the Earth Australia is a national federation composed of independent member groups.

Friends of the Earth Australia has no bosses. Members of the federation remain autonomous in the way that they do their campaign work, their budgeting, and the way they structure themselves.

Friends of the Earth often auspices a project that we do not have the resources or capacity to work on within our organisation but who's work we admire and support. See our list of current auspices below. 

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"Nandadji Nia Nharri Widi, Birri we are the descendants of the surviving ancestors of our people and lands"

Uncle Kenny on the Urannah Ancient Rivers Campaign. 

Please see a list of current Auspices as below.

     Formed in 1997, the Australian Nuclear Free Alliance (formerly the Alliance Against Uranium) brings together Aboriginal people and relevant civil society groups concerned about existing or proposed nuclear developments in Australia, particularly on Aboriginal homelands.

The Alliance provides a forum for sharing of knowledge, skills and experience. It is an opportunity to come together and find strength through our shared aims to protect country and culture from nuclear developments. The Alliance helped to build the successful campaign to stop the Jabiluka uranium mine in the Northern Territory, and more recently, proposed national nuclear waste dumps in South Australia and Muckaty in the NT.

Currently, Aboriginal communities face a wave of uranium expl
oration, several proposed new uranium mines, and a proposed national nuclear waste dump. 

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The Wiri and Birri people are rising to protect their BIRI (river) against the rapid demand of water supplies to the Mining Industry in the Bowen Basin.

Urannah Creek and Broken River are the last wild rivers in this country and the biodiversity and the environment is untouched.

"Nandadji Nia Nharri Widi, Birri we are the descendants of the surviving ancestors of our people and lands. It is our Duty of Care and responsibility to ensure that the rights and interests of Widi and Birri people traditions and customs are protected against cultural heritage impacts to our burial, ceremonial sites of spiritual importance."

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