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We must increase Australia's climate target!

The Albanese government has increased Australia’s ambition on climate change, increasing the previous Coalition government’s embarrassing target of 26-28% emissions reduction on 2005 levels by 2030 to a target of 43% by 2030. 

However, the latest climate science makes it clear that if we are to have a hope of holding global warming well below 2°C, the deepest emissions cuts need to be made before 2030. Australia must do its part within the international community, as a wealthy country and large exporter of fossil fuels, to meet this challenge.

At the UN-sponsored COP27 climate talks to be held in November 2022, countries will be asked to declare their updated plans to cut emissions by 2030. This is Australia’s chance to show that it is acting on the climate crisis with the seriousness that the latest science and evidence of already devastating impacts demand. 

Please send an email to the Albanese Government, calling on the Australian government to lift its ambition on climate change.



Solidarity Sign Up

With the escalating effects of climate change and ecosystem collapse, alongside increasing repression of public protest, we need to know we are not alone in the actions we take to build a better world. 

This is a register to help connect people in showing up in solidarity for people taking action on climate, the environment and for Country. 

For workers

Due to years of stripping back workers rights to the benefit of employers, the ability for workers to take action for a just transition, climate action or for the environment is extremely narrow. Workers shouldn’t be at the point of suffering the effects of climate change, ecosystem collapse, or an unmanaged just transition before they can fight for better jobs and a livable world. 

For Country

Colonisation has been, and continues to be, a project of taking something for nothing. This has been disastrous for the environment, climate, and Aboriginal people. Country for Aboriginal people is more than just land, it’s spirituality, connection, culture, and ancestry. The climate crisis is a direct consequence of colonisation and the exploitative, extractive systems it enables. To fight ecosystem collapse it is essential that First Nations people have sovereignty and cultural caretaker rights restored to help heal Country and our climate.   

For the environment

We rely on the natural world for all of our basic needs - water, air, and food. When we allow ecosystems to collapse we harm ourselves. For example trees draw carbon, protect our water catchments, and safeguard biodiversity needed for crop pollination. We must stand with those taking action to protect the environment, as they stand in solidarity with all beings - both plant and animal.

Tell the Albanese government: its time for a national Energy Transition Authority!

Australia has traditionally relied on coal fired power stations to meet its energy needs. This is now rapidly changing, as renewable energy and storage becomes cheaper and older coal fired power stations become ever more expensive to run and less reliable. 

Friends of the Earth has long argued for the need for a national Just Transition Authority

Now, the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) has issued a call for the Albanese government to establish an independent and properly resourced national Energy Transition Authority to manage an orderly and fair transition process for affected workers – including support for redeployment, skills and training, and secure job opportunities.

Friends of the Earth supports this call and encourages our members and supporters to sign the letter below, which will go to the prime minister Anthony Albanese.

You can find details on the ACTU proposal in their Secure Jobs for a Safer Climate report.