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Support Local Energy Hubs today!

Australia is on the cusp of an incredible energy shift, that will create thousands of jobs in renewable energy, revitalise regional economies and cut polluting greenhouse gas emissions.

It’s absolutely essential that regional communities are empowered to be part of the shift to renewable energy.

And we need a plan to make that happen. That's why we're calling on the federal government to fund Local Energy Hubs today!

Regional communities need accurate information and opportunities to be involved with local renewable energy projects, transmission projects, how to electrify their homes and businesses, and more.

A network of 50 Local Energy Hubs could provide this information by employing trusted, local people.

Experts in all aspects of the energy shift would be housed at these hubs, ready to answer the questions without an agenda, and to assist locals whether they'd like to buy a home battery, an electric vehicle, or help set up a community-owned renewable energy or battery project.

We want the energy shift to create local jobs and opportunities, and unite communities.

Sign the petition and call on the federal government to support Local Energy Hubs!

This joint campaign is being run in coalition with our allies RE-Alliance and the Community Power Agency.

By signing on you will join a network of renewable energy champions who want to see more power in the hands of communities.

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Will you sign?