Economics for Earth

Everyone should be able to put healthy food on the table, access clean energy and enjoy a thriving environment. Yet we live in a world facing growing inequality, climate change and pollution. Some corporations are using their money and power to take too much for themselves, and are destroying our planet.

The shoes, electronics and products we buy often contain slavery or environmental destruction in their global supply chains. And some of Australia’s biggest mining and banking companies are implicated in abuses overseas and at home, yet these crimes go unpunished.

Bad trade and investment deals transfer enormous powers to multinational corporations whilst undermining fundamental human rights. For example, under the Investor-State dispute mechanism, governments can be sued in secret trade tribunals for legislating to protect the environment.

The government must change the rules to ensure that corporations are held accountable and trade is fair. Australian schools, universities and local councils can drive positive change by ensuring that everything they buy is made sustainably and justly. Friends of the Earth’s Food Co-op and Café, and the Earthworker co-op, demonstrate that sustainable business models are not only good for the planet, they're also good for us!

We act in solidarity to stop corporate crime, demanding rights for people and binding rules for business. Empowered communities and social movements working together across borders can build a sustainable and just future. 


Our Vision

  • Australian corporations are held accountable for their human rights & environmental violations overseas through binding rules 
  • That international trade deals have social and environmental justice at their core, and the undemocratic Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) mechanism is removed

FoE Groups Working on the Issue


FoE Melbourne's Economic Justice Collective - Demanding Rights for People and Rules for Business

FoE Melbourne's Food Co-op

FoE Perth


Economics for Earth News

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