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Economics for Earth

Economics for Earth

Everyone should be able to put healthy food on the table, access clean energy and enjoy a thriving environment. Yet we live in a world facing growing inequality, climate change and pollution. Some corporations are using their money and power to take too much for themselves, and are destroying our planet.

We act in solidarity to stop corporate crime, demanding rights for people and binding rules for business.

The government must change the rules to ensure that corporations are held accountable and trade is fair. Australian schools, universities and local councils can drive positive change by ensuring that everything they buy is made sustainably and justly. Friends of the Earth’s Food Co-op and Café, and the Earthworker co-op, demonstrate that sustainable business models are not only good for the planet, they're also good for us!

Friends of the Earth believe it is essential to address the social issues, such as disproportionate use of resources, inequality, and colonisation, while responding to climate change.

Economics for Earth vision

  • Resilient, and self managing societies make their own decisions about how to distribute their resources.
  • Cooperatives and public services work for economic justice - reducing inequality in society
  • Australian corporations are held accountable for their human rights & environmental violations here and overseas through binding rules
  • That international trade deals have social and environmental justice at their core, and the undemocratic Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) mechanism is removed.
  • An economic system that works in harmony with nature - with rights for people, and rules for business.


Our work on Economics for Earth

Friends of the Earth's economic justice project stands with social movements, including feminists, factory workers, indigenous people and peasant movements around the world, to challenge corporate power through global action.

We've challenged government on it's dodgy trade deals, targeted Australian companies committing human rights and environmental abuses across the globe, and demanded economically just solutions. Our economic system should serve communities and the environment, not the other way round. 

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Friends of the Earth believe that the banks, superannuation funds and governments that have custody of our money should use it to protect not damage our environment.

Our Market Forces work exposes the institutions that are financing environmentally destructive projects and help Australians hold these institutions accountable. We work with the community to prevent investment in projects that would harm the environment and drive global warming.

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EarthWorker Cooperative brings together people from diverse backgrounds in practical action to solve the social and environmental problems faced by communities and the planet. We provide common ground where trade unionists, environmentalists, small business people and others work together in common cause.

Our goal is to establish a network of worker-owned cooperatives committed to sustainable enterprise throughout Australia.

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Friends of the Earth Melbourne's world famous, not-for-profit social enterprise cafe and bulk-food-store has been operating since the 70's with a focus on zero waste, localising food systems, and providing healthy, biodynamic, organic, locally sourced, vegan, seasonal meals and food options to the community.

We recognise that we are part of our local food system, and we partner with a local school to compost our food waste, whilst educating the next generation about where their food comes from. 

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Food Coop

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Economics for Earth News

Economics for Earth News

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