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Gender Justice & Dismantling Patriarchy

Gender Justice & Dismantling Patriarchy

Friends of The Earth was founded on deep green, grassroots, anti-capitalist, feminist principles

We aim to make anti-capitalist and grassroots feminism transversal throughout the Friends of the Earth from the local to the global, in both our organisations and work, starting with looking inwards at our own practices, relationships and actions, as well as those outside the federation. This type of ground up feminism, based on an antiracist, anticolonialist, anti-capitalist and class perspective, is a political tool to change the system and strengthen struggles against systemic oppression and violence, for rights, equality, and autonomy of women, non-binary and gender diverse people. In order to fight oppressions and achieve system change, we need to build a shared understanding of patriarchy, how it operates in cooperation with interlinked systems of oppression, how to challenge it, and why dismantling it is key to long lasting and justice system change. This shared understanding must also recognise the necessity of dismantling structures of oppression with which patriarchy is intimately linked.



Friends of the Earth Australia works from the perspective that environmental and social justice are inextricably linked and that we must challenge and dismantle the systems of mutually reinforcing oppressions that abuse and exploit people and the planet.

There can be no significant system change without dismantling the systems of oppression and violence founded on patriarchy, (neo)colonialism, racism, capitalism, ableism, class division and heteronormativity.