Friends of The Earth was founded on deep green, grassroots, anti-capitalist, feminist principles

Friends of the Earth Australia works from the perspective that environmental and social justice are inextricably linked and that we must challenge and dismantle the systems of mutually reinforcing oppressions that abuse and exploit people and planet.

There can be no significant system change without dismantling the systems of oppression and violence founded on patriarchy, (neo)colonialism, racism, capitalism, ableism, class division and heteronormativity.

Friends of The Earth Works to challenge patriarchy in the following ways

Through our anti hierarchical structure and collective consensus decision making

Through our feminist values and feminist analysis, developing feminist frontline analysis of our movement and our campaigns

Through our employment and organisational policies

Through our anti-violence, harassment, and oppression policy and practise

Through educating those in our federation and the broader community

Through developing workshops and rhizomatic tools to share with the grassroots community to decentralise power structures

Through addressing our work via environmental justice frame

Through building alliances and solidarity with other feminist organisations and movements locally, nationally and globally