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Our Board

Friends of The Earth Australia ia a Federation of member group and as such representatives of the members of the Federation take it in turns to nominate and serve in office bearing roles for the Federation, such as the organisational board known as the Committee of Management (CoM). While the day to day operations of the organisation are managed on behalf of the Federation by the Secretariat, the Committee of Management (known as the CoM) holds organisational, financial and governance oversight of the organistion.  

The CoM is a voluntary elected office bearing role and the CoM must include representatives of at least 3 different Federation member groups. The CoM meets monthly and is bound by FoE Australia’s values, philosophy and anti-hierarchical consensus based decision making model, in line with our constitutional rules, internal policies and processes.


Claud Gallois FoEM
Claud Gallois
Claud Gallois is a member of FoE Melbourne, a former Sustainable Cities campaign coordiantor, part of the FoE Melbourne Dirt Radio collective and member of FoEA's Committee of Management. 
Alana Mountain  - FoEM  - DRAFT Friends of the Earth Australia
Alana Mountain
Alana Mountain is the FoE Melbourne Forest Collective campaign coordinator. Alana has been working in the broader grassroots forest movement for over a decade. She has a background in environmental science and is dedicated to the protection and restoration of our Earth.
Zianna Fuad FoE FNQ
Zianna Fuad
Zianna Fuad, member of FoE FNQ and FoE Melbourne, currently elected as a National Liaison Officer and to the Committee of Management (CoM).
Aleesha Hanczakowski  - FoEM  - DRAFT Friends of the Earth Australia
Aleesha Hanczakowski
Aleesha Hanczakowski is a community organiser with the Act on Climate collective in FoE Melbourne.
Franklin Bruinstroop   - FoE FNQ & FoEM  - DRAFT Friends of the Earth Australia
Franklin Bruinstroop
Franklin Bruinstroop has been a long time member of FoE Brisbane and is currently a member of FoE Melbourne and FoE FNQ. Franklin is an elected FoE Australia International Liaison Officer (ILO) and an experienced sitting member of the CoM.
Katherine Cunningham - Earthworker & FoEM - DRAFT Friends of the Earth Australia
Katherine Cunningham
Earthworker & FoEM
Katherine Cunningham member of Earthworker. Cooperative Educator/business coaching for cooperatives. Working from Melbourne inner city, founding member of Alchemical Worx, a worker cooperative of artists, educators and professionals building collective wealth, supporting humanity towards custodianship relations with earth. Writer, mother, activist. 
Sam Castro - FoEA Secretariat/FoEM
Sam Castro
Sam Castro is the Operations Coordinator and Secretary of Friends of the Earth Australia. Sam is also a FoE APAC elected representative on Friends of the Earth International's Gender Justice Dismantling Patriarchy Working Group. 

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