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Cane Toad Award launched

Friends of the Earth have teamed up with ActionAid and Jubilee Australia to launch the inaugural Cane Toad Award, where you will have the opportunity to have your say on which Australian corporation should be named and shamed for being the biggest Cane Toad.

From BHP's Samarco dam disaster in Brazil to Mayur Resources' push for the first coal industry in the Pacific - Australian corporations are implicated in the violation of human rights and destruction of the environment worldwide. 

This brand-new award ceremony is a chance for the public to decide who is crowned, whilst demanding accountability

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The nominees for the inaugural Cane Toad Awards are *drum roll*:

X ANZ - for financing climate-wrecking fossil fuels worldwide X BHP - for its involvement in Brazil’s worst environmental disaster X The JUST Group - for the lack of public support to garment workers through the COVID-19 crisis
X Mayur Resources - for its push to make PNG the first pacific country with a coal industry X Resgen - for its attempt to build a coal mine in South Africa X Rio Tinto - for causing destruction at home and overseas

These nominees are implicated in violations against people and the climate with little to no accountability. To make up your mind on who should be named the 2021 Corporate Cane Toad, follow this link to read up on each nominee and cast your vote.

Our Dirt Radio show recently interviewed Sam Cossar-Gilbert - Friends of the Earth's Resisting Neoliberalism and Economic Justice Coordinator - about the awards. Check out the podcast below.

Like the cane toad, these companies are an invasive species that must be kept under control. We demand the Australian government introduce new binding laws to ensure companies respect human rights and the environment wherever they operate, similar to ones that are being introduced in many other countries.

Share the award with your friends and family. Voting will close on June 14th

Let's crown the Australian Cane Toad of 2021.

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