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Chain Reaction #127


Founded in 1975, and currently published three times a year, Chain Reaction is the national magazine of Friends of the Earth Australia.

The August 2016 edition will soon be mailed to members and subscribers.

It has a feature on environmental racism, updates on the renewable energy revolution, a strong focus on the nuclear industry in Australia and heaps of book reviews.

Chain Reaction #127 ‒ August 2016

To download Chain Reaction #127 (August 2016) as a PDF file click here or to read articles online use the links below.

Regular Items

FoE Australia News

FoE International News

Friends of the Earth Articles

The Green Pledge: A Rationale ‒ Nicole Schild and Andrew Self

Will the federal government revisit its attacks on environment groups? ‒ Cam Walker

Healthy Futures at the Health and Environmental Sustainability Conference

The boat people from paradise lost ‒ Lyn Bender

Who knows who pays the political piper? ‒ Daniel Gocher 


Sacrificing the Reef with militarism, mining, censorship and tokenism ‒ John Glue

Will militarism block the climate change movement? ‒ Margie Pestorius

Militarism and climate activism: staring down the threat of climate disaster ‒ Peter Burdon

Renewable energy

FoE's campaign for a Victorian Renewable Energy Target ‒ Leigh Ewbank

The renewable energy revolution


Manufacturing dissent: environmentalists and nuclear power in the USA ‒ Jim Green

Risks, ethics and consent: Australia shouldn't become the world's nuclear wasteland ‒ Mark Diesendorf

Australia's nuclear-powered PR in meltdown ‒ Dave Sweeney

Black Mist, White Rain ‒ Gem Romuld

Karlamalyi Walk in Western Australia

Environmental racism

Radioactive waste and the nuclear war on Australia's Aboriginal people ‒ Jim Green

SA Premier silent while Flinders Ranges threatened ‒ Regina McKenzie

Expanding the concept of environmental racism ‒ Larry Lohmann

Other articles

Multinational tax dodging costs billions

Transforming male supremacy in our everyday activism and lives ‒ Rodney Vlais

A comparison of responses to contamination of Australian Defence bases by the NSW and NT Environmental Protection Agencies ‒ James Courtney

Pacific societies call to save their seas

The fight for the environment and the fight for blue-collar jobs are one and the same ‒ Van Badham

The zillion year town ‒ Nick Sharp


  • The Invisible War, a graphic novel
  • Fukushima's Stolen Lives: A Dairy Farmer's Story 
  • Pitched Battle: in the frontline of the 1971 Springbok tour of Australia
  • Moving Beyond Capitalism
  • Towards a steady state economy
  • The Great Multinational Tax Rort
  • Dark Money: The Hidden History of the Billionaires Behind the Rise of the Radical Right
  • South Pole: Nature and Culture

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