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Chain Reaction #131

Chain Reaction #131, December 2017

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Friends of the Earth Australia news


Climate migration: No dignity in inaction ‒ Léa Vavasseur

How to respond justly to climate change displaced persons ‒ Claire van Herpen

Building a cross-party network to support the opening of Australia's borders to climate migrants from Pacific Islands ‒ Léa Vavasseur and Wendy Flannery


Utilities scramble to catch up with stunning fall in renewable energy costs ‒ Tim Buckley

Renewable energy targets – Comparing Victoria's laws with the ACT and California ‒ Luiza Riottot

Strathbogie Voices: ideas incubator and community energy pivot point ‒ Kate Auty

Renewable energy news

A year since the SA blackout, who's winning the high-wattage power play? ‒ Marc Hudson

The 'SA energy crisis' is a myth peddled by liars ‒ Ronald Brakels

Locals initiate climate solutions in Melbourne's inner north ‒ Claudia Gallois

My coal childhood ‒ lessons for Australia from Germany's mine pit lakes ‒ Anica Niepraschk

The Victorian coal policy: Heavy on the brown stuff, light on detail ‒ Catherine Hearse

Climate action in Victoria

From laggard to leader: Victoria's Renewable Energy Target now law ‒ Pat Simons

When will we ban new coal mines? ‒ Angela Merriam


The fight to protect Toolangi forest ‒ Emma Chessell

Supreme Court injunction halts logging of Kuark old growth forest

Civil society rejects GMOs at Food and Agriculture Organization meeting ‒ Louise Sales

Government proposes deregulating dangerous new genetic modification techniques

Nano foods: There's no proof some of the tiny things you're eating are safe

Indigenous and Grassroots Movements Solidarity Gathering

Rivers of north Australia under siege ‒ Henry Boer


Nobel Peace Prize winners amplify Aboriginal anti-nuclear stories ‒ Michele Madigan

ICAN's Nobel Peace Prize born in Australia ‒ Dave Sweeney

Australian uranium miner goes bust ‒ so who cleans up its mess in Africa? ‒ Morgan Somerville and Jim Green

James Hansen's Generation IV nuclear delusions ‒ Jim Green