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Historic legal action launched against Shell in the Netherlands on climate change could impact fossil fuel investments in Australia

Press release:

Melbourne, 5 April 2018: Friends of the Earth Netherlands takes the first step in legal action against Shell to stop the destruction of the climate. This ground-breaking case, if successful, would significantly limit Shell's investments in oil and gas globally by requiring them to comply with global climate targets.

Donald Pols, director of Friends of the Earth Netherlands said ‘Shell is among the ten biggest climate polluters worldwide. It has known for over 30 years that it is causing dangerous climate change, but continues to extract oil and gas and invests billions in the search and development of new fossil fuels.’

The case is unique because it is the first climate lawsuit demanding that a fossil fuel company acts on climate change, rather than seeking compensation.

Shell’s oil and gas reserves in Australia contain some 1,000,000,000ton of CO2.

The age of fossil fuel companies acting with impunity is over. This court case could substantially impact on Shell’s operations in Australia by requiring them to limit carbon emissions from their polluting business, leading to stranded assets.” said Sam Cossar from Friends of the Earth Australia.

The case is supported by Friends of the Earth International, which campaigns for climate justice for people across the world impacted by dirty energy and climate change. Friends of the Earth International has 75 member groups globally, many of them working to stop Shell extracting fossil fuels in their country.

Karin Nansen, chair of Friends of the Earth International commented,‘This case matters for people everywhere. Shell is doing enormous damage worldwide – climate change and dirty energy have devastating impacts around the world, but especially in the global South. With this lawsuit we have a chance to hold Shell to account.’

Nansen added ‘If we win this case, it has major consequences for other fossil companies, and opens the door for further legal action against other climate polluters. Friends of the Earth International wants to see binding rules for corporations like Shell who so often regard themselves as being above the law, including when it comes to climate goals.’

Friends of the Earth Netherlands’ case is part of a growing global movement to hold companies to account for their contribution to dangerous climate change. In January, the city of New York went to court to claim compensation from the five largest oil companies, including Shell, for the consequences of climate change. The cities of San Francisco and Oakland as well as several counties in California are doing the same. A Peruvian farmer is suing the German energy company RWE for its contribution to glaciers melting above his village caused by climate change.

For further information please contact

Sam Cossar-Gilbert, Friends of the Earth Australia

+61413496570, [email protected]

Karin Nansen, Chair of Friends of the Earth International
+598 98 707 161 - [email protected]

Lowie Kok / Marlijn Dingshoff - Friends of the Earth Netherlands
[email protected] +3120 5507 333 / +316 2959 3883

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