PETITION: PM Scott Morrison, take real commitments to Biden's Climate Summit

United States President Joe Biden has invited Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison to attend a World Leaders Summit on Climate Change.

The high-powered summit on Earth Day, April 22, is designed to secure commitments from 40 countries to increase ambition on climate ahead of the critically important COP26 meeting in Glasgow this November. 

Communities across Australia have shown incredible resolve by rebuilding after climate-fuelled bushfires and floods, and leadership by shifting to renewable energy sources. 

It's time for the Federal government to show the same level of commitment on climate. 

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The Hon. Prime Minister Scott Morrison, 

Australians have shown incredible resolve in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, catastrophic climate-fuelled bushfires, and devastating floods.

Communities are looking to your government to show greater leadership when tackling the climate crisis, creating jobs and new industries, and securing a Just Transition. 

We urge you, Prime Minister, to demonstrate your commitment at US President Joe Biden's World Leaders Summit on Climate.

You can demonstrate willingness to address climate change by publicly committing to:  

  • Enshrine a target of net-zero emissions by 2050 in law to affirm the goal of every state and territory in the Federation.   
  • Pass the legislation needed for Australia to develop a jobs-rich offshore wind industry in the winter session of Parliament. 
  • Direct the Climate Change Authority to provide public advice on the emissions reductions needed to comply with the Paris Agreement goal of limiting global warming to 1.5°C. 
  • Take an increased 2030 Emissions Reduction Target to the COP26 global climate summit in Glasgow, November 2021. 

A commitment to these positive initiatives would give Australians hope as the impacts of global warming become more evident.

If the Federal government fails to take real commitments to Biden's climate summit and lift its ambition, then Australians risk missing out on good jobs and new industries. It will leave communities exposed to intensifying bushfires, extreme weather, and rising seas. 

Will 2021 be remembered as a turning point for national climate policy? That is up to you, Prime Minister.