Chain Reaction #136

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Friends of the Earth Australia News

Green New Deal

Transforming Victoria: Creating jobs while cutting emissions

The New Deal and the Green New Deal ‒ Katherine Phelps

A Green New Deal needs to be global, not local ‒ Andrew Taylor and Harpreet Kaur Paul

Murray-Darling Basin

Back on Track: A Community Action Plan to restore integrity in the Murray Darling Basin

The Murray-Darling Basin scandal: economists have seen it coming for decades ‒ John Quiggin

Chennai is the latest city to have almost run out of water and Australia is not immune


Choosing Humanity: Why Australia should sign the UN nuclear weapon ban treaty

Nuclear power and Australia's culture wars ‒ Jim Green

Nuclear Power ‒ No Solution to Climate Change ‒ Friends of the Earth Australia Statement

Our environment law is powerless to prevent extinction and this ruling just proved it ‒ Piers Verstegen

Unfinished Business: Spotlight grows on Rio Tinto Kakadu uranium clean-up ‒ Dave Sweeney

BHP Olympic Dam tailings an "extreme risk" to workers and the environment ‒ David Noonan

Welcome to Rockhampton ‒ gateway to the Great Barrier Reef, host to Talisman Sabre war 'games' ‒ Robin Taubenfeld

From Ranger to Fukushima ‒ Alexander Brown

Other Articles

There’s a lot of bad news in the UN Global Environment Outlook, but a sustainable future is still possible ‒ Pedro Fidelman

Australia’s 2018 environmental scorecard: a dreadful year that demands action ‒ Albert Van Dijk and Shoshana Rapley

Nine reasons to fight for ambitious emissions reduction targets in Victoria ‒ Phillipa Grylls

Changes to our gene technology regulations will put us all at risk ‒ Louise Sales

World hunger is on the rise ‒ Timothy A. Wise

Northern Territory drinking water ‒ Anthony Amis

Community concerns over 5G: Needless anxiety or wise precaution? ‒ Don Maisch

Environment reporters and defenders face harassment and murder

Malaysia must not renew Lynas' licence to generate more toxic radioactive waste