Chain Reaction #139

National Magazine of Friends of the Earth, Australia
May 2021

Chain Reaction #139

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Regular items

Friends of the Earth Australia News
Black Lives Matter

Mining companies have operated with a free rein and few consequences for too long ‒ Jamie Lowe

Juukan Gorge inquiry puts Rio Tinto on notice, but without drastic reforms, it could happen again ‒ Deanna Kemp, John Owen and Rodger Barnes

Black Lives Matter ‒ Friends of the Earth U.S. and Australia statements

Black lives, white lies ‒ Lidia Thorpe

Australia still turns a blind eye to Aboriginal people dying in police custody ‒ Celeste Liddle

Despite 432 Indigenous deaths in custody since 1991, no one has ever been convicted ‒ Alison Whittaker

Why we organised Melbourne's Black Lives Matter rally ‒ Tarneen Onus-Williams, Crystal McKinnon and Meriki Onus

Our struggles, while not all the same, are interconnected ‒ Bridget Harilaou


We live in dangerous times, not unprecedented times ‒ Kris. Rallah-Baker

Global Covid-19 news digest

Policing as part of the national psyche ‒ Osman Faruqi

Climate / Energy

Toda Pacific Declaration on Climate Change, Conflict and Peace

Fossil gas ‒ households in hot water ‒ Jim Crosthwaite

Community vs. gas in a post-coronavirus Victoria ‒ No New Gas Working Group

Marine cloud brightening – a fossil fuel industry smokescreen? ‒ Louise Sales

Fighting for the rights of nature in the Constitutional Courts of Ecuador ‒ Melbourne Rainforest Action Group

Other articles

Melbourne Metro 2: A boon for public transport connectivity ‒ Natasha Manawadu

Why the Land Forces arms expo and conference must not go ahead ‒ Robin Taubenfeld, Sam Castro and Phil Evans

Australian uranium fuelled Fukushima ‒ Jim Green and David Noonan

Agriculture Minister's trust in pesticide safety puts public health at risk ‒ Richard Nankin

Creative Content ‒ Eleanor March, Suse Scholem and Sue Stack

Nuclear waste and nuclear medicine in Australia ‒ Dr Margaret Beavis


Film review: Michael Moore's weird world of renewable energy haters

Biotech juggernaut: hope, hype, and hidden agendas

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