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FoE's 45 Years Podcast Series

As part of Friends of the Earth's 45th birthday celebration last year, members of FoE Melbourne’s Dirt Radio team came together with 3CR staff to host a retrospective hextory* radio series. 

Acting Up! 45 Years of Resistance
 took a look back into some of the stories, issues, people and creative actions that have made Friends of the Earth what it is today. 

If you missed the live to air shows, this eclectic series is now available as a podcast series - perfect for some long weekend listening!

3. The Fun Begins (Anti Nuclear)

2. Indigenous Solidarity Gatherings 1997 & 1998

3. Pesticides, Permaculture, Organics & Food

4. FoE Local Groups & FoE Brisbane

5. From Lobbying to Locking on

6. Walking tall amongst giants - Forests

7. Wrong Way go back! (transport)

8. Transform Waste

9. The Early Years

10: Queer & Feminist History

11: Anti-capitalist & Trade Union solidarity

12. Radioactive Exposure Tours

13. International Campaigns

14. The Barmah-Millewa Collective

15. Climate action to climate justice

16. Bands and Gigs

17. Friends of the Earth & 3CR

Presenters Em and Megan with guests Dave Kerrin, Cam Walker and Dimity Hawkins chatting about union solidarity and anti-capitalism

Through interviewing a range of people from the early years of FoE in the mid 70s to current volunteers and staff, and everyone in between, we were able to capture some snippets and stories that are truly special. 

Listen to the whole series on 3CR Radical Radio or Apple Podcasts!

If you have any ideas or think we’ve missed anything, feel free to reach out! We’d love to hear from you, continue the conversation and keep sharing stories from the archives! 


*the word hextory is here used to replace “history” or “herstory” in order to acknowledge queer, trans and non-binary legacies and stories and separate the telling of these from the gender binary.





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