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From Gippsland to the Illawarra regional communities gather to say Yes to renewables, community power, climate action

rsz_yes2gong2.jpgMEDIA RELEASE 04.02.24

Before the first Parliament sitting week of the year, regional communities have gathered around the country sending a strong message that Australians support renewable energy, and want to see stronger action on climate change and new jobs in wind and solar power.

Simultaneous events have been organised in Wollongong, the Hunter, Latrobe Valley and Gladstone, organised by a diverse range of community organisations and unions.

In Wollongong, a family fun day featuring experts, community information, ice cream and musicians drew support from 15 local and national organisations, with an estimated 500 people attending throughout the event.

"It's exciting to think of the opportunities that renewable energy, in its various forms, can bring to our community: cleaner air, healthier homes, cheaper bills and local jobs. We just have to make sure we do it with enough speed and ambition to address the climate crisis in time." said Electrify2515 Coordinator and local mum Kristen McDonald.

In the Latrobe Valley in the heart of coal country in Victoria, community members gathered together for a community photo opportunity showing support for communities in transition.

“The shift to renewable energy is crucial for a sustainable future, and it’s heartening to see regional communities championing this critical industry and thousands of job opportunities it represents” said Wendy Farmer, Friends of the Earth’s Gippsland organiser.

The events take place while the LNP’s Barnaby Joyce joins forces with One Nation to spread Trump-style misinformation against renewable energy, a critical job-creating industry.

“Renewable energy is far too important for the future of regional Australia to let politicians divide our communities with Trump-style misinformation,” said Farmer. 



Pat Simons, Yes 2 Renewables Coordinator, 0415 789 961 

[email protected]


Wendy Farmer, Yes 2 Renewables Gippsland Organiser

[email protected]

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