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May 21: Marsh dump Adani Online Rally

Marsh Dump Adani Rally

We can't rally in the streets right now. So people are using some creative online tactics to pressure Adani's insurance broker Marsh ahead of Marsh's AGM on May 21 - this includes a HUGE rally.

The rally, organised by Stop Adani and supported by Friends of the Earth, is taking place at 10-11.30am Tuesday May 19th AEST. (That's 8-9.30pm Monday May 18th EST in the US)

Only people who have registered receive the link to join the rally. Register here now.

You may have seen the exciting news - further evidence has come to light that Marsh is "planning to announce a climate change policy at its upcoming annual general meeting". [1]

We could be on the brink of a critical victory against Adani - but we need to give it everything over the coming days to make sure Marsh include ruling out Adani's coal mine in their policy.

Can you get ready to make the rally look and feel amazing?

  • Make a #MARSHDUMPADANI sign or print a placard to bring
  • Wear your #StopAdani shirt or a RED shirt to the rally
  • Get creative - paint your face! Put up a #StopAdani banner behind you!

Can you be part of making the rally high-impact?

Can you help make the rally HUGE?

We can't wait to see you there!

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