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Structure First Panel

No Bosses and Equal Pay! 

FoEA is an anti-patriarchal and anti-hierarchical organisation. It has an affirmative employment policy as outlined in our constitution that favours employing women, non-binary people and non-cis men. We also recognise that affirmative action not only relates to the number of women, non-binary people and non-cis men in employment but also to attitudes towards sexual division of labour and gendered roles in any given work situation or decision making process. Therefore at least 60% of all paid workers are women, non-binary people or non-cis men and where a campaign has more than one paid worker, at least one of the paid workers must be a woman, non-binary or non cis man. FoE also has a policy of pay parity, meaning that everyone who is a paid worker at FoE is on the same hourly rate of pay and all contributions are equally valued. 

FoEA strives to work in anti-hierarchical ways and therefore we have no CEO or bosses. We are accountable to each other through collective processes and shared national decision making spaces.

International Liaison Officers

Friends of the Earth Australia is a member of Friends of the Earth International in the Asia Pacific region. Communication between Friends of the Earth Asia Pacific and Friends of the Earth International is facilitated by the FoE Australia International Liaison Officers. International Liaison Officers are nominated by member groups, and then elected annually via a consensus ballot at the Annual General Meeting.

The International Liaison Officers' collective can be contacted via [email protected].

International Officers and Working Groups

From time to time FoE Australia will be asked to consider nominating people from our federation for apac or international voluntary roles or working groups. FoE Australia currently has elected individuals on the APAC Board and on the FoEI Membership Development Team and the FoEI Gender Justice and Dismantling Patriarchy working group.