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Current Secretariat

The day to day affairs of FoE Australia are administered by the FoEA Secretariat which is currently hosted by FoE Melbourne. The workers of the Secretariat support the core functionality of the FoE Australia taking care or organisational, financial and administrative functions. The Secretariat also provides member groups with communication tools, shared campaign resources, support and training.

The Secretariat reports directly to the board and the federation members via national meetings, annual reports, ballots and budget approvals.

Sam Castro

Operations Coordinator [email protected]

Cam Walker

Campaigns Coordinator
[email protected]  

Tara Stevenson

Finance Coordinator   [email protected]

Beata Szinyi

HR Coordinator   [email protected]
Jess Tran
Digital Coordinator
[email protected]
Sam Galvin
National Liaison Officer Convenor     [email protected]
Lisa Arnold
Finance Worker    [email protected]

Committee of Management (CoM)

FoE Australia a group membership based Incorporated Association. FoEA is a registered environmental charity with the ACNC with deductible gift recipient (DGR) status. Friends of The Earth Australia is also listed on the register of environmental organisations (REO). 

Friends of The Earth Australia has a Committee of Management (CoM) and a Gift Fund Committee all board members are nominated and appointed at the annual general meeting held in the fourth quarter of each year. CoM members act in a voluntary role on the board which is composed of representatives of at least three member groups within the federation. 

The CoM is responsible for oversight of the organisation, works with the secretariat to support the day to day affairs of the organisation and also makes decisions using our consensus model.

Claud Gallois

[email protected]

Zianna Faud

[email protected]

Alana Mountain

[email protected]

Aleesha Hanczakowski

[email protected]

Franklin Bruinstroop

[email protected]

Katherine Cunningham

[email protected]

Sam Castro

[email protected]