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Angus Taylor’s ‘Technology Roadmap’ leads to catastrophic climate impacts

Angus Taylor at the National Press Club

Community driven environment group Friends of the Earth Australia says Minister Angus Taylor’s “Technology Roadmap” will lead the country towards catastrophic climate impacts.

It has criticised the long-awaited document for failing to accelerate the rollout of renewable energy and articulate how it will deliver the emissions cuts needed to help keep global warming below 1.5°C.

Read the full roadmap document here“The horror bushfires over summer and wildfires now burning in the United States show what’s in store if governments fail to tackle the climate crisis,” said Cam Walker of Friends of the Earth.

 “Instead of accepting this reality and acting decisively to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, Minister Angus Taylor is seeking to entrench polluting fossil fuel technology.”

“Angus Taylor’s ‘Technology Roadmap’ will lead the country towards catastrophic climate impacts.”

Friends of the Earth says the Morrison government’s ‘Technology Roadmap’ fails to articulate how to deliver the deep emissions cuts needed to help keep global warming below 1.5°C and puts the burden of tackling the climate crisis onto state and territory governments and business.

“The Morrison government’s refusal to tackle the climate crisis means state and Territory governments must show greater leadership to rollout renewable energy and deliver Emissions Reduction Targets,” said Leigh Ewbank of Friends of the Earth.

“The Andrews government will soon set Emissions Reduction Targets for Victoria. The lack of leadership in Angus Taylor’s ‘Technology Roadmap’ strengthens the case for Victoria to set science-based targets.”

Friends of the Earth has been working with allies in the union movement on a campaign to establish a jobs-rich offshore wind energy sector. The “Technology Roadmap” does not establish a clear timeline for this crucial technology despite consultation into national offshore wind laws concluding in February.

“Angus Taylor has paid lip-service to getting an offshore wind industry up and running in Australia,” said Pat Simons, renewable energy spokesperson.

“National offshore wind laws can’t remain in development forever and investors are looking to the government for more than rhetoric. It’s time for Minister Angus Taylor to announce a clear timeline for passing national offshore wind legislation or Australia risks missing out on this jobs-rich industry.”

Friends of the Earth and the environment movement will resist the government’s push for fossil fuels. A national day of action organised by the student led movement, School Strike 4 Climate, is planned for September 25.

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