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Donate to Tipping Point!

Our climate has crossed a tipping point, but people power can tip it back.

The solutions to the climate crisis are at our fingertips. Millions of Australians are on our side. What we need is a people powered movement taking sustained, bold, and creative action that will drive the social and political change our climate so desperately needs.

Tipping Point exists to build, support, connect, and mobilise grassroots networks to take powerful action to move Australia beyond fossil fuels.


We are a new project that is funded by the movement for the movement.

We’re seeking up to 100 Tipping Point founders to get us on our feet. People who believe in our work and support it from the start.

If you give $500 or more as a one-off donation you'll be listed on our website as a Tipping Point Founder!*

Of course any amount is valuable -- we're a lean team that makes every dollar count. 

Thankyou for believing in us!


* Note if you would like to remain anonymous, just drop us a line at [email protected]

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Contributions are tax deductible.