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Turnbull, Defend Enviro Orgs

After a long-running campaign waged by the Minerals Council and the hard right to strip environmental organisations of their charitable status, the Turnbull government has appointed a known ideological warrior as the head of the charities commission.

This bizarre appointment of Gary Johns, one of the most public opponents of environmental organisations who has argued against advocacy as a form of charity, can only be taken as an ideological attack.

We're calling for your help.

Take action now to #DefendEnviroOrgs and email PM Malcolm Turnbull calling on him to stare down the hard right and over-rule this ideological appointment.   

Gary Johns, who has publicly opposed the work of many non-profit organisations cannot be trusted to fairly regulate environmental and social justice charities. 

The head of the Australian Charities and Non-Profits Commission should reflect the values of looking after place and society, the values that thousands of volunteers bring to their charitable work everyday - not stand as yet another ideological appointment in a long running campaign against environmental organisations.  

Malcolm Turnbull must protect the integrity of the Charities and Not For Profits Commission. Add your voice to the call - Email PM Turnbull today to #DefendEnviroOrgs and send a clear message to say #HandsOffOurCharities.