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Concerned about feral horses in Kosciuszko? Get walking

Mt_Townsend.PNGThe damage of wild horses to alpine environments is well documented. However, the NSW government has decided to allow horse populations to continue to degrade the Alps. On the 3rd November, a group of bushwalkers will start a 35 day walk from Sydney to the summit of Mt Kosciuszko, to highlight the damage being caused by feral horses.

They are looking for walkers to join them for all or some of the walk. The route will follow main and secondary roads, via Camden, Mittagong, Goulburn, Canberra, Cooma and Charlotte Pass.  With the support of the National Parks Associations of NSW and the ACT, and Bushwalking NSW, they are expecting large crowds at the start and finish of the walks. More detail is available on the Save Kosci web site (

You’ll be able to register as a walker or non-walking helper from early September. Watch this page for further news, or contact Linda Groom, [email protected]

Check here for some background on the negative impacts of wild horses on alpine areas.

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