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What's Next for Earthworker Education

Earthworker Education is gearing up for our next iteration of the work - to grow short courses that teach the WHY, WHAT and HOW of Co-operatives. 

The two sessions that are set for Siteworks (with online back ups) starting at the end of September are prerequisites for the BOOTCAMP as it’s important that the foundations are set well.

We need to be able to rest comfortably in the understanding of the principles, and the history of the worker cooperative movement, as well as some Earthworker history too. 

The BOOTCAMP preparation is quite exciting. I am using the framework from the last chapter of Sand Talk by Tyson Yunkaporta, a call to custodianship. Within this epic work is a simple expression of the cultural processes and protocols that are the basis for the wisdom lived with Earth, with each other, for millennia. Specifically the notions of “Respect, Connect, Reflect and Direct” as defined as the Spirit, Heart, Head and Hands of how humans can BE together, live, work and enjoy life lived well in harmony. 

This education is an experiment in attempting to foster the conditions for emergence, for some real and potent capacities to build strong working trust, in ourselves, in each other. There doesn't seem to be much in this kind of education out there, this hands on building the road as we get there and I am excited as to how it will work. SO, if you and a group of your people are ready to begin, to step into the structures and make it real, we have our first BOOTCAMP set to start on the 10th November. We even have a space at Siteworks booked, with intentions to run a hybrid delivery, both in person and online. 

Earthworker Education is deeply grateful for all the support from Jesuits Community College, and Molly from, the ever available guidance of Antony McMullen. This work is based on the initial work done with Elleanor Coffey from Redgum.

Please see brochures below & if you feel called to be a part of any of it, please get in touch [email protected] .

With Deep Respect, Katherine Cunningham. 

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