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Who We Are

Friends of the Earth Australia is a community based grassroots organisation that is actively working towards an environmentally and socially just world. 

We believe that social and environmental justice are inextricably linked and we have a strong focus on working in alliances with others in the environmental and social justice movements and with organisations in the broader community. We approach our work from a climate and social justice frame; organising in a way that empowers individuals and communities.

FoE Australia recognises climate justice requires social justice, gender justice and economic justice. We understand that system change cannot be achieved without dismantling patriarchy and mutually reinforcing systems of oppression such as racism, sexism, ageism, class, capitalism and discrimination based on sexuality, gender or disability.

We are proudly anti-patriarchal, anti-oppression, anti-capitalist and anti-hierarchical.

We actively support the rights of First Nations people, people of colour, minority ethnic groups, the young and the aged, women, LGBTQIA+ community, people with disabilities, the working class and the unemployed.

We strive to reflect our values in the way that we work together by operating on a collective basis and utilising the consensus decision-making model.

We are politically non-aligned and seek to develop working relations with a range of parties, businesses and others in civil society. 

Friends of the Earth Australia’s federation structure means that groups work in ways that are most appropriate to their local circumstances. Our grassroots focus and strong volunteer basis means we are able to work effectively with a vast range of community groups and other like minded organisations.