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Anti-nuclear Clean Energy Links

formation sources on Australian nuclear issues

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Nick's pro- and anti-nuclear links – prof. assocs, government, industry, information, prof. services, research institutions

Heaps of mainly pro-nuclear links – ARPANSA


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Australian Nuclear Free Alliance (Aboriginal/environmental alliance)

Friends of the Earth
Jim Green, national nuclear campaigner (Melbourne)
[email protected] 0417 318 368
PO Box 222, Fitzroy, Victoria, 3065

Beyond Nuclear Initiative
Natalie Wasley, Project convenor (Sydney)
[email protected], 0429 900 774

Australian Conservation Foundation
Dave Sweeney, Nuclear Free campaigner (Melbourne)
[email protected], 0408 317 812
First Floor, 60 Leicester Street, Carlton, Victoria, 3053

Australian Student Environment Network
[email protected]

International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons
Tim Wright, Australian Campaign Coordinator
[email protected] ph 03 9347 4795, 0400 967 233
G3/60 Leicester St, Carlton VIC 3053, Australia

Medical Association for the Prevention of War (MAPW)

MAPW contact details:

Wilderness Society (Queensland uranium)

Greens’ Senator Scott Ludlam

Greenpeace Australia


Sydney - Uranium Free NSW




Sydney - Nature Conservation Council

Sydney - 311 Campaign for Nuclear Free (Japanese)
Yukiko Hirano [email protected] 0414758 295

Blue Mountains Nuclear Free Group

[email protected]

Uranium Free Dubbo


Arid Lands Environment Centre (Alice Springs)

Jimmy Cocking [email protected] 08 8952 2497

PO Box 2796, Alice Springs, NT 0871

Environment Centre Northern Territory (Darwin)
Lauren Mellor, Nuclear Free NT campaigner
l[email protected], ph 08 8981 1984, 0434 257 359
Office: 3/98 Woods St, Darwin 0801
Postal: GPO Box 2120 Darwin Northern Territory 0801


Queensland Nuclear Free Alliance

Friends of the Earth Brisbane BUMP Action Group

Websites: and
Email:[email protected]
Phone: 0411 118 737

Friends of the Earth PACE – Peace Anti-Nuclear and Clean Energy Collective

Food Irradiation Watch
[email protected]
0411 118 737


Friends of the Earth Adelaide
Clean Futures Collective
Level 1, 157 Franklin Street, Adelaide SA 5000

[email protected]

Nuclear Operations Watch Port Adelaide (NOWPA)

NOWPA is an alliance of Port Adelaide community members and people along uranium transport routes.

South Australian Action Group

ENUFF South Australia


Friends of the Earth, Melbourne

Anti-nuclear and Clean Energy (ACE) campaign
[email protected]

Meets fortnightly at the FoE office: 312 Smith St, Collingwood.


Conservation Council of Western Australia
Mia Pepper, Nuclear Free campaigner
[email protected] ph 08 9420 7266, 0415 380 808
City West Lotteries House, 2 Delhi St, West Perth, WA 6005

ANAWA (Anti-Nuclear Alliance of Western Australia)
[email protected]
5 King William St, Bayswater WA 6053
Telephone & Fax  9271 8786
Marcus Atkinson, BUMP campaigner 0400 505 765

Footprints for Peace
[email protected]

Friends of the Earth Southwest WA
Joan Jenkins [email protected]

Western Australian Nuclear Free Alliance (WANFA)
Della Rae Morrison, Chairperson
[email protected] 0438 678 471

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Uranium mining – various

Map of Australian uranium sites

Friends of the Earth uranium webpages:

Australian Nuclear Free Alliance

Yellowcake Country: Australia's Uranium Industry (short articles on numerous issues)

Dr. Gavin Mudd - technical papers on ISL mining, impacts of Olympic Dam on Mound Springs, etc

Jim Falk et al., 2006, "Australia, uranium and nuclear power", International Journal of Environmental Studies, Vol 63(6), December, pp.845-857. (Available from [email protected])

Sustainable Energy & Anti-Uranium Service archive (dated but still has useful info on uranium mining)

World Information Service on Energy:

Parliamentary inquiries etc.

Senate References and Legislation Committee, October 2003, "Regulating the Ranger, Jabiluka, Beverley and Honeymoon uranium mines",

House of Representatives – Federal Standing Committee on Industry and Resources, Australia's uranium: Greenhouse friendly fuel for an energy hungry world, December

Senate Select Committee on Uranium Mining and Milling, 1997, Uranium Mining and Milling in

Australian Government's 'Uranium Industry Framework'

Uranium Council (formerly Uranium Industry Framework):

Uranium customer countries - China, Russia, India etc.

Friends of the Earth

Uranium sales to Russia

Uranium Sales to Russia (PDF file) - FoE Submission to Joint Standing Committee on Treaties, June 2008

Treaties Committee rejects Russia uranium agreement, Online Opinion, 22 September

Joint Standing Committee on Treaties rejects uranium sales to Russia - Report #94 - or direct download

Uranium sales to India

US-India ageement (PDF) – Joint Australian NGO statement

Trashing nuclear promises (US - India nuclear deal), Tilman Ruff, Online Opinion, 21 August

Proposed uranium sales to India - detailed 2010 EnergyScience Coalition briefing paper (PDF)

Uranium sales to China

Article by David Noonan

Joint Standing Committee on Treaties approval for uranium exports to China

Uranium and nuclear weapons proliferation / safeguards

Friends of the Earth:

Medical Association for Prevention of War

Medical Association for the Prevention of War and Australian Conservation Foundation, 2006, "An Illusion of Protection: The Unavoidable Limitations of Safeguards",

Who's watching the nuclear watchdog?, Richard Broinowski and Tilman Ruff, Online Opinion, 10 September 2007

Henry Sokolski (ed.), Feb 2008, "Falling Behind: International Scrutiny of the Peaceful Atom",

Alan J. Kuperman, David Sokolow, and Edwin S. Lyman, March 18, 2014, 'Can the IAEA Safeguard Fuel-Cycle Facilities?', Nuclear Proliferation Prevention Project, LBJ School of Public Affairs, University of Texas at Austin (,

Looking beyond Iran and North Korea for Safeguarding the Foundations of Nuclear Nonproliferation, former IAEA Safeguards Director Pierre Goldschmidt, Nov 15, 2011,

Building Support for the Agencys Safeguards Mission, Henry Sokolski, Nov 03, 2010, Nonproliferation Policy Education Centre,

Non-proliferation Policy Education Centre and see in particular the section on the non-proliferation regime

Nuclear Power Joint Fact Finding Dialogue,  June 2007,

Joint Standing Committee on Treaties (Australia), 2008, inquiry into proposed uranium sales to Russia:

Dr. Brian Lloyd, NT Parliamentary Library Service, Feb 6, 2007, Nuclear Proliferation: Fifth in the series on the Debate on Nuclear Policy in Australia,

Professor Richard Broinowski, Our role in limiting nuclear proliferation?, August 8,

Professor Richard Broinowski, Australian Uranium & Nuclear Weapons Proliferation, Submission to Federal Standing Committee on Industry and Resources or direct download:

Professor Richard Broinowski, "Fact or Fission? The Truth About Australia's Nuclear Ambitions", Melbourne: Scribe, 2003.

Trust us, Tilman Ruff, Online Opinion, 17 November 2006

Value-subtracting: Form vs. substance in Australian uranium safeguard policy, Richard Leaver, Austral Special Report 09-08S, 11 December 2009, Nautilus Institute,

Nuclear Safeguards: some Canadian questions about Australian policy, Richard Leaver, Austral Policy Forum 09-5A, 23 February 2009,

Depleted uranium (DU)

International Coalition to Ban Uranium Weapons:

Uranium mining companies

Australian Uranium Association

BHP Billiton (Olympic Dam)

SXR Uranium One (Honeymoon):

Heathgate Resources (Beverley):

Energy Resources of Australia (Ranger)

Beverley and Honeymoon in-situ leach mines

Adnyamathanha Elders:

SXR Uranium One (Honeymoon mine)

Senate References and Legislation Committee, October 2003, "Regulating the Ranger, Jabiluka, Beverly and Honeymoon uranium mines"

Roxby Downs / Olympic Dam uranium mine


Lizards Revenge

Mark Parnell MLC / SA Greens

Save the Basin (Great Artesian Basin):

Cuttlefish Country (impacts of proposed desal plant on the Spencer Gulf and the Giant Cuttlefish)

BHP Billiton Watch:

FoE Adelaide

SA Nuclear Information Centre

List of spills and accidents at SA uranium mines:

Ranger and Jabiluka and other Top End uranium issues

Gundjehmi Aboriginal Corporation

Environment Centre of the Northern Territory

Australian Conservation Foundation

Senate References and Legislation Committee, October 2003, "Regulating the Ranger, Jabiluka, Beverly and Honeymoon uranium mines"

Senate Select Committee on Uranium Mining and Milling, 1997, Uranium Mining and Milling in Australia

Angela Pamela (near Alice Springs)

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Australian Nuclear Free Alliance

Radioactive Racism in Australia

Kupa Piti Kungka Tjuta, Irati Wanti campaign or this link should take you to the same archived Irati Wanti website:

Violence in Marree - WMC Interference

Mirarr/Gundjehmi submission #44 at or direct download (10MB PDF)


Indigenous World Uranium Summit and

Intercontinental Cry nuclear articles:

Richard Salvador, Pacific Islands Association of NGOs (PIANO), NGO presentation to UN NPT Review Conference, 2002,


* Beyond Nuclear

* International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers

* Honor the Earth

* Indigenous Action:

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Nuclear power in Australia

Friends of the Earth webpages:

Andrew Macintosh (The Australia Institute), 2007, "Siting Nuclear Power Plants in Australia  Where would they go?", Web Paper No. 40

Richard Baker,  June 29, 2006, 'Secrecy on Howard's nuclear trip', The Age

Impacts of Nuclear Power & Uranium Mining on Water Resources

Nuclear power in Australia - Switkowski report + critiques:

Uranium Mining, Processing and Nuclear Energy Review (UMPNER) a.k.a. 2006 Switkowski report (pro uranium mining and pro-nuclear power but argues against expansion into conversion, enrichment, fuel fabrication and reprocessing).

Submissions to UMPNER:

Critiques of the UMPNER/Switkowski report:

Nuclear power - global

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2003 and 2009 update, "The Future of Nuclear Power: An Interdisciplinary MIT Study",



Economics of nuclear power

Ben McNeil, June 2007, The Costs of Introducing Nuclear Power to Australia, Journal of Australian Political Economy #59,

World Information Service on Energy, 2005, 'Unfair Aid': The subsidies keeping nuclear energy afloat

Stephen Thomas et al. (commissioned by Greenpeace International), 2007, "The Economics of Nuclear Power",

Citigroup, November 2009, 'New Nuclear - the Economics Say No: UK Green Lights New Nuclear – Or Does It?',

EnergyScience Coalition fact sheet on economics

This ANSTO-commissioned report argues that nuclear power would be economic in Australia ... but only if it is subsidised! John H. Gittus, "Introducing nuclear power to Australia: an economic comparison":

Keystone Center, 2007, Nuclear Power Joint fact-Finding,

Harding, J, 2007, Economics of nuclear power and proliferation risk in a carbon-constrained world, Electricity Journal 30(20):1–12, November.

Lovins, AB & Sheikh, I, 2008, The nuclear illusion, Ambio, November 2008 preprint,

Severance CA, 2009, Business risks and costs of new nuclear power.

Nuclear power and climate change

Friends of the Earth et al., 2005, Nuclear Power: No Solution To Climate Change’

Ian Lowe, 2005, Is nuclear power part of Australia's global warming solutions?, Address to the National Press Club,

Ian Lowe, Quarterly Essay, Issue 27, September 2007, Reaction Time: Climate Change and the Nuclear Option,

Pete Roche, April 2005, Is Nuclear Power a Solution to Climate or direct

Brice Smith, 2006, Insurmountable Risks: The Dangers of Using Nuclear Power to Combat Global Climate Change

Charles D. Ferguson, 2007, Nuclear Energy: Balancing Benefits and Risks, US Council on Foreign Relations,

Amory Lovins, Imran Sheikh, and Alex Markevich, 2008, Forget Nuclear,

Amory Lovins, 2005, Nuclear power: economics and climate protection potential, Rocky Mountains

Mycle Schneider (WISE Paris), April 2000, "Climate Change and Nuclear Power", published by World Wide Fund for Nature change/fullnuclearreprotwwf.pdf

Greenpeace, "Nuclear Energy: No Solution to Climate Change"

Mark Diesendorf, June 16, 2006, "Nuclear power: not green, clean or cheap", Online

Statement of Dr. Thomas Cochran, Natural Resources Defense Council, on the Environmental, Safety, and Economic Implications of Nuclear Power Before the Science and Technology Committee House of Representatives, Washington, April 23, 2008,

John Busby, March 2008, "Why nuclear power is not a sustainable source of low carbon energy",

EnergyScience Briefings Papers #2, 3, 4, 5, 16, 21

Links between nuclear power and nuclear weapons

Country case studies

General literature on the interconnections between civil and military nuclear programs:

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2014-onwards - post-Muckaty developments

Defeated plan for Commonwealth nuclear dump at Muckaty, NT

Famous victory by Muckaty Traditional Owners!! June 2014:

Beyond Nuclear Initiative

No Waste Alliance

Senate SECITA Committee, 2008, Inquiry into the Commonwealth Radioactive Waste Management (Repeal and Consequential Amendment) Bill 2008,

Nuclear Territory News - dump section -

Arid Land Environment Centre

Central Land Council

NT government use search engine - search for nuclear dump

Environment Centre Northern Territory

Friends of the Earth

Rudd Government dumping election commitments, Online Opinion, 23 Dec 2008,

Federal government: and/or

National Store Project-for long-lived intermediate-level waste - abandoned 2004

NSW Inquiry into Nuclear Waste Management 2003-04: NSW Parliament – Joint Select Committee into the Transportation and Storage of Nuclear Waste, 2004

Successful campaign against dump in South Australia:

Kupa Piti Kungka Tjuta, Irati Wanti campaign

Jim Green website archive:


Federal Government:


Abandoned plan for intermediate-level radioactive waste store 2001-04

Australia as the world's nuclear waste dump:

FoE webpage:

Nuclear Fuel Leasing Group, Submission to UMPNER, 18 August 2006:

Association for Regional and International Underground Storage

Pangea (predecessor of ARIUS)

J.J. Veevers, Disposal of British RADwaste at home and in antipodean Australia, Australian Geologist,

2003 submission and article by Australian academic Ian Holland (PDF)

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International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons

Oxford Research Group:

Joint Standing Committee on Treaties (Australia), 2009, Inquiry into Nuclear Non-proliferation and Disarmament,

US bases in Australia / nuclear alliance / missile defence

Medical Association for the Prevention of War - PowerPoint presentation on various aspects of the nuclear alliance

Anti-Bases Campaign Coalition

Federation of Atomic Scientists

Talisman sabre military exercises, war and the environment, Sue Wareham, Online Opinion, 10 July 2009,

Pine Gap 6

Australia's secret nuclear weapons push - 1940s to 1970s

Friends of the Earth webpages:

Jacques E.C. Hymans, 2000, "Isotopes and Identity: Australia and the Nuclear Weapons Option, 1949-1999", Nonproliferation Review, Vol.7, No.1, Spring, pp.1-23,

Jim Walsh, 1997, 'Surprise Down Under: The Secret History of Australia's Nuclear Ambitions', The Nonproliferation Review, Fall, pp.1-20,

Alice Cawte, "Atomic Australia: 1944-1990", Sydney: New South Wales University Press, 1992.

Richard Broinowski, Australian nuclear weapons: the story so far, Austral Policy Forum 06-23A 17 July 2006,

Richard Broinowski, 2006, Australia's New Nuclear Ambitions,

Wayne Reynolds, "Australia's bid for the atomic bomb", Melbourne University Press, 2000. (For a review of Reynold's book, click here.)

Several web-pages at Jim Green Nuclear & Environmental research

Military implications of the former Howard government's nuclear push in Australia

Max Walsh, June 7, 2006, The Nuclear Club, The Bulletin

Hugh White, Don't mention the bomb, The Age March 1, 2007

British nuclear bomb tests in Australia

Friends of the Earth webpages.

Australian Nuclear Map - information, photos, videos:

Paul Langley's detailed research on the nuclear bomb tests in Australia:

Kupa Piti Kungka Tjuta, Irati Wanti ('The poison, stop it')
and see the links section at the Irati Wanti site.

The Report of the Royal Commission into the British Nuclear Tests in Australia, 1985:

Conclusions and recommendations (PDF)

Volume 1 of the Royal Commission Report (PDF)

Volume 2 of the Royal Commission Report (PDF)

The Advertiser:

Roger Cross, "Fallout: Hedley Marston and the British Bomb Tests in Australia", Wakefield Press, 2001.

Australian Nuclear Veterans Association web archives and

Collection of articles by journalist Colin James (Word file)

Links to various websites and other literature:

BBC material

South Australia's nuclear (weapons) history. SA Nuclear Information Centre paper: "Nuclear weapons proliferation in South Australia 1945-1965"

National Archives of Australia information:

ARPANSA Report, "Strontium-90 Testing Program 1957 – 1978 Use of Human Bone Tissue", PDF:

Brian Martin, Nuclear Knights or

Flawed 'clean up' of Maralinga

Information and links/references posted at

Lots of articles posted at:

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Australian Uranium Association

Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (non-independent Commonwealth regulator)

Nuclear Energy Institute

Melbourne Uni physics team

Australian Nuclear Association

Australian Nuclear Forum

Australian uranium - news, charts, company info etc:

Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation

International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)

OECD Nuclear Energy Agency

Main pro-nuclear website in Australia was the Uranium Information Centre - which is now defunct. Critique of UIC

Pro-nuclear environmentalists: There are just a handful of genuine pro-nuclear environmentalists. Most of the discussion and media commentary about pro-nuclear 'environmentalists' focuses on people such as self-described eccentric James Lovelock and industry hack Patrick Moore. See the critique posted at

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PR Watch:

Critique of Patrick Moore et al:

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Map of Australian nuke sites

Political parties

Greens' Senator Scott Ludlam's website:

Uranium enrichment for Australia?

'Enriching Australia', Online Opinion,

UMPNER / Switkowski report (see above)

EnergyScience Coalition, Briefing paper #7, or clickhere to direct download (PDF file)

'Enrichment, The coming oversupply', Nuclear Engineering International, 3 November 2009,

Greenpeace 2004 report on the controversial Silex laser enrichment technique: 'Secrets, Lies & Uranium Enrichment', click here to download (PDF file)

Lucas Heights nuclear research reactor

Friends of the Earth webpages:

ANSTO Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation

Jean McSorley's analysis of the foreign policy agenda driving the new reactor plan

Medical Association for the Prevention of War

Sutherland Shire Environment Centre

Jim Green's website


Food Irradiation Watch

Leslie Kemeny (nuclear advocate):

The Naked Experts

Investors fuming over Nu-Tec investment scheme, ABC TV 7:30 Report, March

Leslie Kemeny a nuclear crusader in his own write, Crikey, 11 November 2009,

Friends of the Earth: