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Tell Turnbull to take responsibility for climate & energy


With the drought hitting farmers hard in rural NSW, and the Great Barrier Reef under serious threat from rising temperatures, Australia can't afford to waste time when it comes to acting on climate change.

After successive blunders, Energy and Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg has failed to deliver a positive outcome for climate.

It's time for PM Malcolm Turnbull to take responsibility for the important area of climate and energy policy.  

Here's what the PM needs to do:

  1. Step in and stare down the climate deniers in the federal Coalition.
  2. Deliver a real plan for climate action that meets and exceeds Australia’s responsibilities under the Paris Climate Agreement.
  3. Extend the national Renewable Energy Target to drive emissions cuts in the electricity sector, create jobs in wind and solar and put downward pressure on power prices.
  4. Create a plan to phase out Australia’s aging coal fired power stations by 2030.

ACT NOW: Join us and email Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull today and tell him to take personal responsibility for climate and energy policy.

With bushfires raging in the northern hemisphere, and temperature records being broken around the planet,  the need to act on climate change is becoming ever more urgent.