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Consensus Decision making is a creative and dynamic way of reaching agreement between all members of a group.

Everyone who shows up gets a say on how we do things.

It is a commitment to finding a solution that everyone actively supports - or at lease can agree to move forward with. It ensures that all opinions, ideas, and concerns are taken into account.

In consensus decision making

 Dissent is valued

 Having diversity is important to ensure we make the best decisions that work for everyone

 Marginalised voices can be centred 

Creative solutions can be found

 We can actively dismantle patriarchy and other power structures 

Everyone can take ownership of decisions

 We encourage people to grow, take on leadership, and flourish

How we do consensus

 We actively talk about out values

 We actively work on our group culture- establish norms, goals, and are upfront about them

 We intentionally build our relationships and trust in groups

 We all practice our facilitation skills

Consensus Decision Making Poster

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