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Starting a Worker Cooperative - New Training Course with Earthworker

In the past few years many people have contacted Earthworker interested in starting up their own worker co-operatives - and they are excited to announce the pilot program of a new course 'Starting a worker-cooperative'.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, a huge number of people are experiencing job loss. The role that worker cooperatives could play in reshaping our economy toward shared needs and values is more apparent than ever.

This pre-accredited training course will be delivered digitally over 10 weeks. Please book your spot soon, as places are limited!

*Please note that the contact for enrolments and further info is [email protected]*

The course will be facilitated by Katherine Cunningham, Earthworker organiser, board member and business entrepreneur, and Eleanor Coffey, Earthworker organiser and cofounder of the Redgum Cleaning Co-operative. We are delivering it through the Jesuit Social Services 'Learn Local' program.

Further course details are listed below.

Course details

Course content:

  • Introduction to the world of worker-cooperatives
  • Coming up with an idea and finding collaborators
  • Setting up and running a successful business
  • Legal and governance requirements of cooperatives
  • Building an organisational structure that works for you
  • Developing a start-up plan for the cooperative project of your choice

Course outcomes:

  • The tools to develop and launch a worker cooperative
  • Access to resources for ongoing learning and support
  • Connections with a supportive community of collaborators
  • A statement of participation

Course delivery:

Via free online video platforms. You'll require internet access and a computer, tablet or smart device with audio and video functions.

This course is government funded for eligible participants.


Dates: Every Wednesday starting October 7 to December 9, 2020.

Time: 9:30am - 12:30pm. Plus 1 hour of study outside of class.

For more information please contact Jesuit Community College on (03) 9415 8700 or email: [email protected].

This is the start of an exciting journey in Earthworker more pro-actively developing and spreading the knowledge and skills required to start and sustain successful worker-owned co-operatives.

We hope that many more people get to experience the challenges and profound joys of taking collective control of their livelihoods.

Earthworker Cooperative is a member group of Friends of the Earth Australia.

Whilst you are here, please make a tax deductible donation. Friends of the Earth relies on donations from people like you to keep running campaigns for social and environmental justice.