Chain Reaction #137

Chain Reaction #137, December 2019

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Regular Items

Friends of the Earth Australia News

Climate & Energy

Bushfires and climate change

Change the system or face climate catastrophe ‒ Dipti Bhatnagar

Human Rights and Climate Change: Brisbane Conference Summary ‒ Wendy Flannery

Exploring the criteria for Statehood in international law in respect to climate change induced migration ‒ Freya Bliss

Climate change and Tuvalu sovereignty ‒ Taukiei Kitara

Electric Vehicles: Why is Australia in the slow lane? ‒ Dan Bleakly

The communities on the frontline of new fossil fuels in Victoria ‒ Kate Wattchow

The Commons Social Change Library

What we're missing in climate conversations ‒ Aaron Brooks

Other Articles

Australia's hypocrisy on nuclear weapons cannot continue ‒ Gem Romuld

Why the nuclear lobby makes stuff up about the cost of wind and solar ‒ Giles Parkinson

What does the state government's announcement actually mean for Victoria's forests? ‒ Goongerah Environment Centre

Yeelirrie Solidarity Camp 2019 ‒ K-A Garlick

Federal Government and 'opposition' sign off on uncontrolled genetic experiment ‒ Louise Sales

Facing barbarism ‒ David Faber

Towards a government committed to a Green New Deal ‒ Tony Webb

Neoliberalism versus justice on Ecuador's mining frontier ‒ Rainforest Information Centre & Rainforest Action Group

Environmental activist killings double as corruption identified as key driver ‒ Nick Kilver


Songspirals: Sharing women's wisdom of Country through songlines

Climate Futures: Re-imagining Global Climate Justice

Pluriverse: Why we need alternatives to development

Bruce Pascoe: Selected Stories and Essays

Social Defence

The Hard Right in Australia