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Global warming has a face


A fund raiser for the Carteret Islands

Auction. Online only, from 6 til 23 December.

Three talented artists from Fish Lane Studios in South Brisbane have donated stunning work to be auctioned to help raise funds to support the relocation of the Carteret Islanders from their Atolls to the dry land on Bougainville.

Click through to Fish Lane Studios auction site to see work by

  • Beatrice Prost – Death of a Giant & Born of a Volcano
  • Wyn Vogel – My Island Home & The Atolls 1
  • Noela Mills – Jewellery piece: Precious Gems

Your bids will help build two new homes for two families. A gift this Christmas to the Carteret Islanders needing to relocate.

Further information: Wendy Flannery, FoE Climate Frontlines 0439 771 692

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