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Land Forces 2020 Delayed: War is not an essential service

Land Forces 2020 has been delayed

Thanks to everyone who took action to call on the Queensland Government to cancel Land Forces 2020.

Ian Honnery, chief executive of AMDA Foundation - who run the event, said, “Land Forces will be unable to proceed in September this year as initially intended.” This comes just a week after Friends of the Earth and supporters called on the Queensland Government to withdraw its sponsorship and cancel the event.

Whilst Friends of the Earth welcome the news that the convergence of arms and defence manufacturers will not take place in 2020, the news that Land Forces is planned to return mid-year in 2021 was disappointing.

Friends of the Earth spokesperson on militarism and the environment, Robin Taubenfeld said, “Whether in times of pandemic, or not, war is not an essential service, and does not fit in with community expectations on how to rebuild the Australian economy post COVID-19.”

War is incompatible with the environment and contributes significantly to economic, gender and racial injustice across the globe. Investment in  military capability should  be diverted to supporting industries that strengthen communities, centre care and life in our societies and prioritise environmental sustainability. The COVID-19 pandemic highlights the fact that the billions of dollars spent on defence are useless in the face of global environmental and social crises.

Taubenfeld continued, “Our governments should not be profiteering off weapons of war but creating a post COVID-19 economy that affirms life,  centres care, and promotes  peace, justice and sustainability  - not the war machine.”

Friends of the Earth continue to call on the Queensland Government to cancel the Land Forces event.

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