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The federal government wants to find a site to build a National Radioactive Waste Management Facility (NRWMF) to store and dispose of Australia’s radioactive waste. Some of this waste is a hazard for hundreds of years and some for over ten thousand years.  There is no proven need for this facility and there is certainly no need for it to be sited in SA. We need to ensure that Australia’s radioactive waste is managed in the best way possible and that the process of site selection does not harm affected communities.

For decades, successive governments have targeted remote and regional communities in their search for a site for the waste. Their focus has been on finding a postcode, rather than a process that makes Australia's radioactive waste management the world's best.

Friends of the Earth are committed to working with affected communities to ensure that the current flawed proposal is scrapped and that the government adopts a safe and responsible approach to radioactive waste management.

If you support our work, please make a donation! Monthly donations help us budget and plan and spend more time supporting affected communities.
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