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Please send in a submission to the federal Department to register your opposition to the plan to dump on SA. This submission process is important ‒ the government will use it to claim 'broad community support' for the dump if it does not receive lots of opposing submissions. Please write your own submission or simply add your name to the submission drafted by the SA Conservation Council ‒ it will only take a minute of your time!

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“We write this letter to vouch for the invaluable support and help we have received from Friends of the Earth. We have had much needed support in the past, both materially and morale boosting, but it has been a war of attrition and our resources are depleted. Friends of the Earth is vital to our cause for the support it can provide. We need their national profile to bring this issue to broader public attention and obtain a better national process for radioactive waste disposal.”

Greg Bannon – Spokesperson for Flinders Local Action Group

Everything about this nuclear waste dump is rubbish!!

☢ It’s unnecessary. Most of the reactor waste is currently produced and stored at Lucas Heights, south of Sydney, and ANSTO has acknowledged it can manage it on-site for decades.
☢ Continuing access to nuclear medicine is not dependent on a nuclear waste dump and the absence of such a facility has not hindered the practice of nuclear medicine.
☢ Affected communities are deeply divided. The 'broad community consent' the federal minister seeks does not exist.
☢ There are significant cultural heritage concerns at both sites and opposition from many Aboriginal Traditional Owners.
☢ Most South Australians are opposed.
☢ SA has legislation banning nuclear dumps that the federal government plans to ignore or override.
☢ The federal government wants to dump both low-level radioactive waste and long-lived intermediate-level waste in SA. The latter is to be stored above-ground for an 'interim' period while an alternative dump site is established. But the federal government is making no effort to find an alternative dump site for intermediate-level waste.
☢ This is not just a local issue. Many thousands of Australians live on transport corridors and have not been informed about the risks or given a say.
☢ The employment promises (45 jobs) are deeply implausible and have been repeatedly inflated.
☢ Agriculture and tourism are both market-sensitive sectors and any planned facility could negatively impact these industries.
☢ This decision is being driven by politics, not by science or need. Minister Canavan wants to select a site before the next federal election for political reasons, not because he has to. The federal regulator has stated that the ANSTO waste is safe where it is and there is no urgent need to move it.

We want the government to take all sites in SA off the table and to hold a full independent inquiry into the best way to manage our most dangerous waste. The government must stop targeting remote and regional areas and give Aboriginal people a right of veto for proposals that threaten their country and culture.



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