Call on Angus Taylor to back Australia's first offshore wind farm

STAR_OF_SOUTH_ENERGY_PROJECT.pngAustralia could soon be home to the world's largest offshore wind farm, the Star of the  South Energy Project off Victoria's Gippsland coast.

This landmark project promises to deliver clean renewable energy to 1.2 million homes,  creating an estimated 12,000 jobs and avoiding up to 10 million tonnes of polluting  greenhouse gas emissions.

The Star of the South requires both state and federal planning approval, but has been  held up by the federal Coalition government for unknown reasons.

The fate of the project now rests in the hands of Australia's latest Energy Minister, Liberal  MP Angus Taylor.

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Taylor has a reputation as being one of the most anti-wind MPs in the federal Coalition. He has spoken at  anti-wind rallies, called for the national Renewable Energy Target to be axed, opposed emission reduction targets and was involved in an investigation that recommended Victoria allow fracking to proceed in the state.

He must redeem himself now he is Australia’s latest Energy Minister.

Will Energy Minister Angus Taylor prove that he can act in the best interest of the community and the climate, and back Australia’s first offshore wind farm?

We the undersigned call on Energy Minister Angus Taylor to:

1. Immediately provide a status update on the Star of the South Energy Project.

2. Approve the requisite exploration license so the project can undertake detailed ecological, social and economic assessment.

3. Clarify his position on the role of wind energy technology in Australia's electricity grid as part of action on climate change.

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